Son of high Castro official defends communism from Miami and attacks exile – Telemundo Miami (51)

“I study economics and I love market economics. I think it is the most democratic system that exists, ”says Rodolfo Dávalos, a Cuban businessman living in the United States, who comments on social networks point out as the son of Cuban dictator Miguel Díaz Canel.

Dávalos, who presents himself as a defender of capitalism, but aligns himself politically with the Cuban dictatorship, says that he lives “in the United States, because it has the best system in the world.” But he does not hide to say from here, he is on the side of the communists.

“I am advocating that there is no war. Because this city enters into common sense and stops calling for an abusive war against a small country ”.

Davalos León says that he has received accusations of death, because in social networks they assure that he is the son of the ruler Miguel Díaz Canel. He denies those family ties and explains that his father is Rodolfo Dávalos Fernández, one of the advisers to the Cuban government.

“They have been doing failed policies for 62 years and nothing has happened,” he says.

Davalos blames the United States government for the social outbreak on the island. In his opinion, Cubans are not asking for the end of a dictatorship, but for economic freedoms.

“If you try to drown an economy. Then don’t complain because people are on the street because they don’t have goods and services, ”he says.

In his social networks he has published messages like this: “Make no mistake, the people of Cuba are with the revolution.” Or this: “if the revolution falls, you will find me in Cuba, with my father, knee on the ground, rifle in hand, defending Fidel’s work.”

He says that he does it to “be grateful to the people who gave me the opportunity to study, to have education, health, opportunities in the streets.”

In 2016 he founded his own company in the United States.

“You have said that I do business with Cuba and people get upset. They have said that I am the son of the president, and they get upset. But they have not said that I work with the Obama administration and we have made a lot of progress with the issue of human rights in Cuba and economic freedoms ”.

To the question of whether he considers that these rights are respected in Cuba, including freedom of expression.

“It is quite respected. Depends. It is relative”.

It also ensures that Cuban Americans are victims of a disinformation campaign that does not have the well-being of the people on the island as its objective.

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