Symbiote Spiderman 3 of 3

spidrman symbiote comic cover # 3

Original edition: Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black 5 and Spider-Man: King in Black
Departure date: Jun 3 2021
Script: Peter David, Jed Mackay
He drew: Michele Bandini, Greg Land
Format: Staple. 56 pps
Price: € 5.90

We come to the end of the miniseries where we recall our favorite wall-crawler with the symbiote suit.In addition, Panini has added the specific number of Spiderman within the King in Black macro-event, giving us the perspective of the superhero who first brought a symbiote.

By way of synopsis, (without enter the field of spoilers) the first story continues right where we left it in the second issue of the miniseries, which after forming a strange alliance with Kang the Conqueror and accompanied by Captain Marvel, Spiderman continues to search for Mister Yo (Alistair Smithe swallowed by a symbiote) through space, who has been captured by the collector and is eager to sell him. The second story takes place during the pages of the miniseries King in Black where we see Spiderman overwhelmed by the situation and will help Reptile, a boy with the ability to turn into different dinosaurs helping the people of New York.

interior comic symbiote spidrman # 3_2interior comic symbiote spidrman # 3_2The staple, from a general point of view It exudes an eighties air that I love, however the stories are simple, without forgetting that the first story, which is the one that gives the collection its name, is resolved suddenly. There is a lack of narrative rhythm as the characters appear on one side or the other as the screenwriter agrees. On the contrary, the rhythm is more bearable in the second story, where we are introduced to a new superhero who has reminded me a lot of Beast Boy, for being a shapeshifter but specialized in dinosaurs.

At the controls of the pencils, the drawer Greg Land in the first story he pulls a classic drawing, with a direct stroke and making the eyes of the Spidey mask take on impossible poses. The one who finds it difficult to draw is Rocket Raccoon, since he always draws it from the same profile and on the contrary with the character that feels most comfortable, it is not Spiderman, but Captain Marvel, where he recreates himself in his cartoons flying through space and using his powers. On the other hand, the artist Jed mackay he uses a more contemporary line, better mastery of body movement and great knowledge about dinosaurs, as he draws them very realistically.

At the level of characters, in the staple we see both classics and more current. The attitude of Kang, which in this issue is blurred, does not have any villain packaging and it seems that it is there for the requirements of the script in addition to a Spidey which gives the lead to the captain and becomes the comic relief of the first story, something that can displace more than one fan of the arachnid.


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interior comic symbiote spidrman # 3_3interior comic symbiote spidrman # 3_3To conclude the miniseries, if we have to value it in general, unconditional Spiderman fans will enjoy it because we see our hero in action, but the story does not add anything to the Lore of the wall-crawler because we do not even see Knull, he is only cited in this last issue and nothing else. If you have not read anything about Spiderman, I recommend that you take a look at the Panini catalog, which has gems to start delving into the Spiderman universe and save this collection for later if you like the character a lot.

You can purchase “King in Black: Symbiote Spiderman 3 of 3” here.

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