The 3 best gadgets to charge your mobile without electricity

Human beings have always wanted to be able to properly manage their resources without costing them money. And obtaining electrical energy from natural sources is now possible thanks to these devices that we present to charge your mobile. There are several on the market gadgets that help us to charge the mobile phone without using electricity, that is, in an ecological way. Do you want to know them? Here are the most significant ones,

The 3 best gadgets to charge your mobile without electricity

HETP Solar Charger 26800mAh

Not taking advantage of the solar energy that we have in our country is a complete crime. This external battery has panels that transform solar energy and convert it into electrical energy, being stored in the device. You can also charge it in a traditional way by means of a cable to the electrical network, but It costs very little to leave it at daylight hours on your balcony so that it can charge. It is our first recommendation when choosing a battery to take to outdoor activities. The best of all is its high capacity, almost 27,000 mAh and its price, which does not reach 20 euros.

BigBlue 28W

It is the same concept as the previous device but in the form of a drop-down folder. Here the panels are thinner, so it is ideal to hang it from your backpack on your long walks in the countryside. If you have in mind to do the Camino de Santiago, it is perhaps the most recommended option. Thanks to this system you can always have your phone full of battery, and It will recharge without you practically noticing. For 70 euros it is yours on Amazon.

Dynamo Power Bank

We are probably facing the most complete device, since it not only has a solar panel, but also a crank that acts as a dynamo. It will be enough that give it a few turns so that the kinetic energy becomes electrical and you can charge your mobile phone anywhere. As if that were not enough, you can also plug it into the wall and charge it in the traditional way. For € 26 you have it at home, and incidentally, you are going to exercise your arm from so much crank.

Have you seen how there are some excellent gadgets that can transform your life? Only then can you charge your mobile phone without having to spend an extra cent, and you are proving to be a person who is consistent with the environment.

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