The 8 best Amazon Prime Video series for kids

The Amazon platform wants to help you with the little ones at home.

To have children or be in charge of little monsters is something that requires a lot of patience and a good dose of streaming platforms, as would be, in this case, the option of Amazon Prime Video. We know that, on many occasions, it is necessary to resort to technology so that the girls and boys at home leave us alone and we can to work, order Or simply, to rest, and that is why we are going to recommend the best children’s series, in the same way that we already recommend the best series available on the North American platform.

We are convinced that Most of the proposals will sound familiar to you, but we also believe that this compilation will give you more than one idea for add to your list of children’s series and, thus, to be able to enjoy moments of peace and quiet children in front of the television.

This list of recommendations will delight the little ones in the house

If you want children’s adventures for the little ones, such as Pocoyo or Peppa Pig, or do you want me to the most grown and grown be entertained while you’re home, just like the Thundermans, you need to take a look at our recommendations from children’s series on Amazon Prime Video.

PocoyoSpongebobPeppa PigThe ThundermansYokoPaw PatrolPokémon: Gold and SilverDora the Explorer


Little can we speak of one of the world phenomena in children’s animation and is that Pocoyo has both an innate talent for amuse the little ones, as it delves into curious situations to be able to expose the first pieces of what life is to those who enjoy the series. With a minimalistic animation style, both due to the small number of characters and the absence of funds in the chapters, this series is essential to understand the modern animation.

Year: 2005 Seasons: 3 Episodes available: 39 Approximate duration: 25 minutes

sponge Bob

If we talk about world phenomena, although this time the audience grows in age, not too much, sponge Bob It could be the reference you were looking for and that your children will want to enjoy after seeing the first chapter of the animation series available in Amazon Prime Video. If you want to know what life is like for a being shaped like a sponge, who lives in a pineapple under the sea, and his inseparable friends and enemies, do not stop reproducing the hilarious series North American.

Year: 2001 Seasons: 4 Episodes available: 90 Approximate duration: 25 minutes

Peppa Pig

It is complicated that the smallest of the house be quiet just a few minutes, even if it’s on the couch and watching TV, but this children’s animation series, available in Amazon Prime Video, is the maximum expression of the short chapters, since these hardly last 5 minutes. If you want to know the adventures of a pig family most peculiar, without a doubt this series is worthy of a good time with the family.

Year: 2015 Seasons: 8 Episodes available: 205 Approximate duration: 5 minutes

The Thundermans

We raise the bar a bit, the one that is found in the attractions of the fair and that decides who can climb and who stays on the ground, and we approach a fun TV series, from the factory Nickelodeon, for a more adolescent public. If you want to know what it means to be born into a superhero family, with powers of all kinds distributed between parents and siblings, you must approach this fun production, with so many tangles What funny situations.

Year: 2014 Seasons: 4 Episodes available: 105 Approximate duration: 25 minutes


With a animation so fun What current, with colors that will make the smallest of the house hallucinate and elements and characters so large as to distinguish them perfectly, this children’s series from Amazon Prime Video bet on introducing ourselves to three curious children, Mai, Oto and Vik, whose favorite hobby is walking their Park. A be magic who lives there will be the reason that the children are determined to spend as much time as possible in the park, since when they arrive, Yoko makes an appearance and his powers they make them happy any day.

Year: 2016 Seasons: 2 Episodes available: 66 Approximate duration: 10 minutes

Paw patrol

Within the genre of children’s animation for the little ones, in Serie and with availability in Amazon Prime Video, we can affirm that this proposal is one of the most loved by boys and girls from half the world, since it unites the element of the pet most adored by the human being, the dog, with a thousand and one adventures that its protagonists live, both humans and dogs. If you want to meet six adorable and brave puppies, each of them specialized in a vital task for society, and at the same time child who trains them, you should not miss the opportunity to teach it to your children.

Year: 2013 Seasons: 4 Available Episodes: 104 Approximate Duration: 20 minutes

Pokémon: Gold and Silver

It is such a difficult task to discern to which period each series of Pokemon, how to guess the evolutions of those strangest critters. Yes you have grown up at the beginning of the century or were you a real fanatic of the first installments of the video game, in addition to the smallest of the house, I think that the adventures of the most famous pokemon trainer of the world will be essential, both to get started in the fabulous world of these mysterious beings and to go a little deeper inside. By the way, you have more series and movies about Pokémon available in Amazon Prime Video.

Year: 2000 Seasons: 13 Episodes available: 165 Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Dora the explorer

One of the great rivals in the genre of children’s series current, with live action film also available in Amazon Prime Video, is this production so fun What full of adventures where we will accompany a little girl, together with his inseparable monkey Boots, in missions as fun as the search for a chicken the size of a house, an exciting train race, the own version of the story of Little Red Riding Hood or having to return a star fallen from the sky to the place where it belongs.

Year: 2001 Seasons: 3 Episodes available: 78 Approximate duration: 25 minutes

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