The Aztec ‘Chihuas’ Rodríguez camps in Otomí

(Photo: Supplied)

Following the advice of Julio César Chávez, his advisor and friend; the double Mexican world champion Francisco ‘Chihuas’ Rodríguez, concentrates in the Otomí Ceremonial Center, located in the mountains of the State of Mexico; to arrive in the best conditions to the title duel that he will hold against Kazuto Ioka, on September 1 in Tokyo, Japan.

With a privileged location at more than 3,200 meters above sea level, the archaeological zone has become a high-performance center for elite athletes due to the good results obtained after passing through the mountains of Temoaya, for which athletes from multiple disciplines have held camps prior to highly relevant competitions.

The proud boxer from Santa Catarina, Nuevo León; will seek to arrive in the best possible conditions to the clash with the four-time world champion, where the super flyweight title of the World Boxing Organization will be at stake, where he will face a true monster of the small divisions and who has reigned in four different categories .

Rodríguez Tamayo, fighter represented by Promociones del Pueblo, a company directed by Oswaldo Küchle, Cancún Boxing by Pepe Gómez, Boxing Time by Memo Rocha and BXSTRS Promotions by Juan Carlos Torres; He already knows what it is to be a world champion, and he wants to take advantage of the opportunity to win a second absolute crown, since it has not been easy to be named as a challenger.

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