The Barça, pending of the option of the NBA of Rokas Jokubaitis

Barcelona has the planning of its squad on track in the absence of two places, but they are getting complicated. It seemed that there would only be one gap to cover, but it will be two because Rokas Jokubaitis option is not so sharp. The club is counting on him because of the influence that Sarunas Jasikevicius has exerted, who knows his family and had him at Zalgiris by his side, but the NBA calls out loud and the player can pick up. The other square that remains is that of the eaves, for which he has escaped Nikola Kalinic and the liberated ones are no longer Adam Hanga (Madrid) and Víctor Claver (Valencia).

Rokas Jokubaitis was coming to cover, almost exactly, the post of Leandro bolmaro, with which Minnesota Timberwolves already has for the next season. It was one by another: Laprovittola and Calathes of bases, Abrines and Kuric escorts and Jokubaitis, 20, as a combo to alternate between the two positions.

The departure from Kaunas is not official, it is informal. The young Lithuanian will leave his land, but the destination is not yet certain. Barcelona is the club he will join if he does not go to the NBA, but the possibility of him making the leap to America now is sold as real and whatever his position in the 2021 Draft is., for which he has not withdrawn his name and will be one of the international names to follow.

It would depend on the franchise that you choose and if you decide to hold it for another year in Europe, which seemed like the plan at first. Jonathan Givony, from ESPN, assures that the player is ready to go to the NBA, is available to do so, and that the transfer will remain in his constituency.

The new Barcelona

The Barça club, with problems to adjust the budget to sign a great player in the position of ‘3’, could be seen without Jokubaitis and Bolmaro for that last gap in the squad. The problem worsens when the new direction of Chris Jones (ASVEL), another of those who had sounded for that vacancy, is confirmed.

Current League and Cup champions and Euroleague runners-up, a lot of touch-ups in the Saras style for the second year of the project. The bar has already been set high and the European championship will be the great goal to try to exceed it.

Sertac Sanli, center from Efes, and Nico Laprovittola, point guard from Madrid, are the only two signings so far, although two more are expected for the places mentioned. Leo Westermann, completely ruled out by Jasikevicius, continues to look for a place in another team. Gael Bonilla and Michael Caicedo, the homegrown candidates to help in the first team without counting Sergi Martínez, renewed and now with a professional record.

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