The best beach chairs to take on vacation

Essential features of beach chairs

Beyond the infinite reasons that exist to buy a folding chair and its benefits, there are a number of characteristics that should be non-negotiable in any beach chair:

The chair, whether folding or inflatable, must be made with quality materials. For our seat to be top, it must be comfortable with the passing of the hours. It is easy for it to be for the first two minutes, but it should also be after spending one, two or three hours sitting. It has to be light and easy to transport. Think that you will have to carry it often during the holidays or when you go camping. Although it is difficult to ask a product for maximum lightness and maximum resistance at the same time, it is what every beach chair should aspire to. Must be as resistant as possible.

Folding chairs vs other seats that we can take to the beach

If you are thinking of buying a beach chair, surely you have considered other options. The classic competitors are usually hammocks and deck chairs. There’s no denying that they are both great seats designed for summer, but they won’t give you the same as a beach chair.

On the one hand, sunbeds are much more difficult to transport. In fact, it will be difficult to do any hikes with them.

And if we focus on hammocks, it is true that they are very easy to transport, but it has the disadvantage that you need a support to hold them. If we find a tree that works for us, great, but it is something that cannot always be guaranteed.

That is why, if you haven’t made up your mind yet, you should stick with a beach chair. Either folding or inflatableThe advantages they have over other types of summer seats speak for themselves.

Care and maintenance of a beach chair

We would also like to warn you that, although these chairs are usually inexpensive, it does not mean that we must take proper care of them. At least, if we want them to join us for more than one summer:

Clean the chairs. Every time you leave the pool or the beach, his thing is that you clean your chair well. Pass a damp cloth with a little soap and you will leave it perfect.
Make sure you leave them very dry. Of course, later you will have to dry it well. If not, it won’t do much good, because the materials will end up deteriorating.
Cover them. When you are not using your beach chair, it is best to cover it with a plastic tarp or some type of cloth that protects it from dust and sunlight.
Store it in a cool, dry place. And when it comes to storing your beach chair during the winter, we recommend a dry and cool place, where sunlight does not affect it, because it could end up deteriorating it.

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