The best resistance bands to exercise all your muscles, anywhere

What we have taken into account in this comparison

If you’ve ever seen someone work out with one of these resistance bands, you may have noticed that although they are simple objects, they have many applications. That is why you have to look closely at their features before buying:

Material. The normal thing is that the elastic tapes are made of latex or rubber. That’s because you need materials that are flexible and strong enough to carry out any type of exercise. Some models have the ribbons finished in leather or cotton.
Elasticity. Elasticity is one of the most important variables in any resistance band. The more elastic it is, the more it will withstand the tension of the exercises.
Endurance. And if our tape is elastic, it will also be resistant. At the end of the day, think that these bands can withstand 50 kilos of tension.
Length. The size of the elastic bands can vary depending on the type, but the normal thing is that all are comfortable to transport. The most normal thing is that they walk between one meter and one and a half meters, although there are models that reach ten meters.
Handles and hooks. On the other hand, resistance bands can bring extras like handles and hooks. It is true that only some types will need these accessories, but if this is your case, we recommend that you look for a model that comes with hooks and handles.

Why buy some elastic bands?

You may not be sure yet that you should buy resistance bands. But as soon as you know the multiple reasons What is there to get some, you will change your mind:

Because they can be used anywhere. The good thing about these tapes is that they are so comfortable to use that we can do it practically anywhere. Whether in the gym, at home, in the garden or in a park.
Because they are comfortable to transport. And resistance bands have that facility because they are incredibly comfortable to carry. They are not usually very large and are quite light.
Because you can exercise any muscle group. Another of the great advantages of these gadgets is that, although it may not seem like it, we can exercise any muscle with them. And not only strength, but also speed and endurance. They offer one of the most comprehensive exercises out there.
Because they are very cheap. On the other hand, elastic bands are very inexpensive. So much so that it won’t take you a week to pay off your investment.
Because they are safe. It must also be said that elastic bands are very safe. Much more than dumbbells, for example, which would be another gadget that we could use to work any muscle group.

Types of resistance bands

Some are hooked on the wall, others on the ankles … The variety of elastic bands that you can find in the market is quite wide. That is why we want to tell you about their main types:

Smooth elastic bands

They are the most basic elastic bands and that we all have on our heads. They can reach two meters long and, although they are quite thin, they can withstand many pounds of tension.

One of its great advantages is thate occupy the minimum, so we can take them with us without further complication. And since they don’t need handles or handles, we won’t even need a place to hook them. We will only need our own body.

They can have different resistances, which are detailed depending on the color. Yellow, red, green, blue, silver, black … The palette may vary depending on the manufacturer, but this is the most common.

Elastic tube bands

These are the bands that need hooks and lugs. They are very comfortable to use thanks to these accessories. Its main peculiarity is that the tape is covered by a tube normally made of latex.

Another attraction they have is that, having the hitches and the handles, we will can add more ribbons or tubes to add resistance to the band.

Circular elastic bands

These bands have a design more similar to the smooth ones, but with the exception that they are circular. That is to say: they do not have ends, handles or hooks. Their main characteristic is that they are much thicker than smooth, so they will demand greater strength.

The resistance of the tapes will also vary depending on the color, although even the softest is specially designed to make bodybuilding exercises.

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