The champion Deportes Tolima kicks off the defense of the title with a victory

07/20/2021 at 6:34 AM CEST

. / Bogota

The champion Sports Tolima the defense of the Colombian league title started this Monday with a 1-0 win over Deportivo Pereira on the first day of the Clausura Tournament, led by América de Cali and Millonarios after beating Junior de Barranquilla and Deportivo Pasto 3-1, respectively. During the day, in which 24 goals were scored, Atlético Nacional squandered a 0-2 in favor in the first half on Sunday and ended up drawing 2-2 with Envigado, while Deportivo Cali won 1-2 with a goal in the last minute to Independiente Santa Fe in Bogotá.

The keys to the first day

1. A winning champion. Deportes Tolima beat Pereira with a score from striker Juan Fernando Caicedo, a figure in the final of the previous championship against Millonarios, in the 80th minute. The 32-year-old veteran gunner scored the winning goal, which reflected his dominance. team throughout the match, taking advantage of a filtered pass from winger Anderson Plata and defeating goalkeeper Harlen Castillo in hand-to-hand.

2. Victory suffered by Once Caldas. Once Caldas, led by former El Salvador coach Eduardo Lara, suffered to beat the recently promoted Atlético Huila 1-0, in a duel that unbalanced early on with a score from the creative Harrison Otálvaro in the 9th minute. Manizales, champion of the 2004 Copa Libertadores, lost the ball but found himself with an uncreative and deep rival, which in the end he could not match. The marker could be wider for the ‘Blanco Blanco’ but the central Yoiver González, after a hand in the area of ​​the Huila defender Elvis González, crashed the ball on the horizontal in the collection of the penalty in 90.

3. The return of Roman. In addition to the 1-3 victory with two goals from Fernando Uribe and another from Emerson Rodríguez – while Pasto provisionally equalized with a score from veteran Carlos Hidalgo – Millonarios had another very good news on the first day of the championship: the return of the winger Andrés Felipe after five months and five days of absence. The defender returned to play after multiple cardiological tests and genetic studies showed that he does not have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart anomaly for which his transfer to Boca Juniors was ruled out in February and that left him off the court during these months. The last time the 25-year-old full-back had played was on February 13 in the sixth day of the Colombian league in a match in which Millonarios fell 1-0 against La Equidad and which was played days before his trip. to Argentina for the frustrated signing by the Xeneize team.

4. Agonizing triumph. A goal from midfielder Andrés Balanta in the 93rd minute dampened the hopes of Independiente Santa Fe, who lost 1-2 on Saturday at their home, the El Campín stadium in Bogotá, against Deportivo Cali. The game did not have a clear dominance at the start but the Caleños, led by the Uruguayan Alfredo Arias, opened the scoring by taking advantage of an error in the start of the Paraguayan center-back Iván Villalba, who debuted on Saturday, and left the ball to the winger Jhon Vásquez , who got rid of two rivals and took a right hand to beat goalkeeper Omar Rodríguez. However, Santa Fe equalized by taking advantage, this time, of an error by the visitors at the start and Jhon Velásquez recovered and filtered a ball to Kelvin Osorio, who caught the defense badly and scored his first goal of the season. The final goal, which came after the expulsion of winger Edwin Herrera, was the product of a center sent from the right by Gian Cabezas and headed by Balanta to give the three points to those led by Arias.

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