The cheapest values ​​of the Ibex by price-earnings to growth

The cheapest Ibex values ​​per PEG

The PEG is a much less known ratio and of course, less used than PER and something more complex, as we have seen in its composition. Specifically, it is obtained by dividing the PER, the number of times that the profit is contained in the price of a share, by the growth rate of your EPS, that is, of its Earnings Per Share.

In general it is used in companies with high profits, the companies known as growth, but this is not always the case. The reason is found in that, in these cases, the use of the PER is higher than the average and then you have the feeling in those values ​​that they are always expensive. And the cheapest by PEG in the selective They are:

The financial institution obtains exactly a PEG of 0 in his classification and he is always in a privileged place in this classification and far from the average of the Ibex that reaches 1.13v. A value with two important news right now on the table.

The first has to do with Moody’s decision, the risk rating agency to raise your rating. You have done this for your long-term junior unsecured debt. In fact, it has improved a notch, from ‘Ba3’ to ‘Ba2’, the bank’s long-term junior unsecured debt, in part due to the prospect of a business split between its British subsidiary TSB.

Regarding your quote, say that Sabadell continues to be, right now, the second best value of the year. And so far the good news, because it has lost more than 10% of its price in the last full month while its price returns to levels at the end of April. So far this year, Sabadell advances 44%.

Sabadell fundamentals of value

Sabadell fundamentals of value

Sabadell fundamentals of value

The other news involves the implementation of its announced divestment policy: it has closed an agreement sale of its subsidiary in Andorra to MoraBanc for around 67 million euros, for 51.61% of its capital, including in this case also its treasury stock. Although the final price will be established with the result of an audit that began at the end of last month. Its positive impact on capital will be seven points for the entity led by César González Bueno.

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The international steelmaker reaches a PEG at minimum expression of 0.01 v. by 1.13v. average of the selective. Cheap, very cheap for this ratio, is a growth value, cyclical, by excellence which in turn has become one of the best of the year, in the best room in particular. In fact, the stock gains almost 5% in the last full month, despite cumulative cuts of over 6.5% in the last two sessions. So far this year it has advanced 30.6%.

ArcelorMittal value fundamentals ArcelorMittal value fundamentals

ArcelorMittal value fundamentals

The last thing for value is that you just announced that you are going to invest no less than 1,000 million euros in Spain, specifically in decarbonisation, although it expects that at least half of that amount will come from public money.

A good part of that amount of money will go to transform its complex of two blast furnaces in the Asturian Gijón. They are the only ones in Spain, by the way, that are currently fed with iron ore, the most polluting process that occurs in the steel industry. This is how ArcelorMittal will halve your carbon emissions in our country in the next 5 years. In practice, it will eliminate a discharge of 4.8 million tons each year.

The third and last of the best values ​​by PEG is one of the usual in this classification. We are talking about Indra that reaches 0.03v compared to the 1.13 average of the Ibex. The company has already closed the changes in its leadership after the abrupt departure of Abril Martorell and the arrival of Marc Murtra as president, in this case non-executive and the bicephaly in the new CEOs of the company, after the approval of the Board of Directors. Shareholders.

The market value yields just over 1.1% in the last 20 sessions listed value and shows little advance of the 4.3% so far this trading year. And its price returns to levels of June 9, before the general decline that is implemented in the Ibex.

Indra fundamentals of value Indra fundamentals of value

Indra fundamentals of value

In addition, the Spanish company has just been awarded the kit of 38 German Eurofighters with state-of-the-art systems for 100 million euros. And it has done so as one of the world’s leading providers of the most advanced multirole fighter aircraft systems.

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