The closure of schools triggers the Internet consumption of minors: it grows up to 180%

Lowered blinds, clean blackboards, closed lockers and a colossal silence that floods the corridors of schools throughout the Spanish territory. This is the result of nine days with academic centers closed due to the crisis of coronavirus. Faced with this situation, families have witnessed how their children have exchanged books and notebooks for electronic devices.

The general closure of schools in Spain has caused Internet consumption by minors skyrockets up to 180%, according to a study of the online behavior of Qustodio, digital safety and well-being platform for families. A figure that will increase in the coming days.

The use of new technologies en masse is not just to encourage entertainment in times of quarantine. It also serves to continue educational training without having to go to class.

Italy shoots up consumption to 220%

A rebound that has not been experienced only in Spain. Italy tops the list of Internet consumption by schoolchildren with an initial increase of 50%, which in the last seven days it has shot up to 220%. A figure that is reflected in the tightening of measures in the transalpine country to stop the advance of the coronavirus.

In general, in areas where the closure of schools is imposed, there is a growth of more than 100% in online activity, as in the case of France, where activity on the network has risen 120% since the closure of schools was decreed on March 12.

On UK a different approach has been taken to curb the crisis of the coronavirus Compared to the rest of Europe, it still also increases. Online activity grows 50% since some schools voluntarily closed on March 11.

“The coronavirus is propelling the entire world into a new era of connectivity. Families will have to take steps not to let screen time become the majority of their children’s lives, as well as to protect them from online dangers such as harassers and violent and pornographic content ”, warns the CEO and co-founder of Qustodio, Eduardo Cruz.

Network dangers increase

As digital activity soars, so does the exposure of minors to dangers that can suppose an excessive and uncontrolled use of the network. Creating schedules and ensuring that the content is age appropriate are the keys to ensuring proper use of the Internet.

Many services from movies, series and music They are offering free or reduced-price access to better manage the quarantine caused by the coronavirus. If minors create an account on these platforms, check that the content is appropriate for their age.

It should also be remembered that social media They are not recommended for children under 13 years of age. Families must teach their children that everything they write or share is registered on the Internet and they no longer have control over this content, which can play tricks on them in the future. Also, as in the real world, you have to convey to children that you cannot talk to strangers.

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