The CVT transmission with which Bosch wants to improve the efficiency of electrics

The electrification It is already fully involved in the automotive sector. It appears in practically all the new models that come out, regardless of the brand to which they belong, since the regulations are limiting some movements outside this area. Most electric cars have a single gear transmission, but there are already proposals that could change everything. Some as interesting as the Bosch CVT4EV gearbox which could soon reach production.

It is a CVT transmission made specifically for electrics that contributes to improve your efficiency up to 4%, in addition to presenting other notable advantages. The main quality of CVTs is that it continually adjusts the ratio according to needs and Bosch has achieved a set-up that combines efficiency and performance. The system is able to freely control the speed and torque of the electric motor.

For example, to low speeds the CVT4EV gearbox uses a shorter ratio to improve acceleration and hill climbing, while at higher speeds long ratios are used to promote efficiency and improve nose. Emphasis has also been placed on improving the off-road behavior, offering more torque to gain traction and towing capacity. The key is to have intelligent management so that larger and more powerful engines are not needed, helping manufacturers to achieve a balance between performance and range.

Furthermore, the Bosch CVT4EV is a simple and easy to implement solution in any electric vehicle. It could be applied in sports or commercial vehicles, obtaining good performance in all types of bodywork. Simply adapt the software programs without changing hardware or increasing production costs. In the end, with this component they promise an experience of nice and refined ride which is in line with what electric car buyers are looking for.

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