The Flash: New Photos Revealed Of Barry Allen Talking To A Doppelganger Of Himself

There are still many questions around The Flash. The long-awaited film of the Scarlet Corridor aims to open the DC universe to the multiverse and that makes it an object of great interest for fans of the mega-franchise that is already beginning to look to the past to regain the attention of fans of the firm of comics.

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The most recent photos leaked from the set seem to indicate the multiple versions of Barry Allen (Ezra Millerr) that we could see in the film. The photos reached the Internet, so they are not official and we can no longer speculate about the meaning of the film. However it seems that we could see a second Flash, or at least a second version of the character, talking to himself.

This since in the photos we can see Miller talking with another actor who has the same bearing and whose clothes are also very similar. So far, it has only been confirmed that for the film the actor Michael Keaton will return as Batman and that he will also play the role of Bruce Wayne of the good Ben Affleck. Rumors about another Flash, specifically that of Grant Gustin, have circulated, but it is worth repeating that so far nothing is certain.

Multiple versions of Flash would not be surprising. The little that is known about the plot is that Barry will try to use his super speed abilities to go back in time and save his mother from being murdered and his father from being charged with the murder. Things will not be so easy for the young hero, as his actions will lead him to discover alternate realities and a very confusing timeline.

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In charge of the production is the Argentine Andy Muschietti, a Warner Bros. darling who had made genre films like It (That) – 85%, but that will debut with this in the superheroes. The libretto was written by Christina Hodson, screenwriter of Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of a Harley Quinn –

75%. It is quite possible that throughout your journey between worlds, you will come across an alternate version of yourself. The stunt double could be played by another actor or it could just be an understudy on set and then using digital effects or camera tricks to have Miller play both roles.

The Flash film has been in production for a very short time. This means that we will probably have more of these types of leaks in the coming weeks. The film crew has been shrewd in revealing some of the biggest surprises ahead of time so they don’t have as much to say from the media sneaking around the set. A new Barry is not something that has been mentioned before, so we remember that it is nothing more than speculation.

The Flash is scheduled to premiere in late 2022, which means we shouldn’t expect anything like a teaser or trailer very soon. However, it should be remembered that the DCFanDome is coming in October and by then Muschietti may already have some material. Either way, in the case of this movie, patients will be rewarded.

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