The Last Duel: Ridley Scott Movie With Matt Damon, Adam Driver And Ben Affleck, Releases First Trailer

While many are excited about the news about House of Gucci, a film by prominent filmmaker Ridley Scott (All the Money in the World – 63%, Alien: Covenant – 69%), which chronicles the murder of Maurizio Gucci at the hands of a hit man hired by his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani, the legendary director is about to release a new film starring Matt Damon (Indomitable Mind – 97%) and Adam Driver (Marriage Story –


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This is the film The Last Duel, based on the 2004 book, The Last Duel: A True Story Of Trial By Combat In Medieval France, by Eric Jager. The film follows the events of the last officially recognized legal duel in France that pitted Norman knight Jean de Carrouges against his squire Jacques LeGris after Carrouge’s wife, Marguerite, accused LeGris of rape.

The case was the great scandal of its time and since then it has become something of a cultural legend in France and continues to be a source of great debate for historians and will now be a great milestone in cinema thanks to Scott, who in his He continues to make powerful movies for 83 years – one after another – so it will be very interesting to see what he did with this story. Here is the first trailer and the official synopsis:

Set in 14th-century France, it tells the story of a woman who claims to have been raped by her husband’s best friend. When nobody believes him, her husband, Jean de Carrouges, accuses his best friend, the knight Jacques LeGris, before King Charles VI who decides to authorize a duel to the death between them.

The last duel is Scott’s latest film since All the Money in the World, from 2017, a tape he shot again in record time thanks to the Kevin Spacey scandal at the time. However, this new production fits very well with his filmography of historical dramas like Crusade – 39%, from 2005, and his first film from 1977, The Duellists – 91%.

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In addition to Damon, who plays Carrouges and Driver, who plays his squire, LeGris, in the cast of The last duel Jodie Comer (Killing Eve – 97%), who plays Marguerite and Ben Affleck, who plays a local magistrate. Supporting actors also include Harriet Walder, Nathaniel Parker, Sam Hazeldine and Michael McElhatton.

Affleck and Damon co-wrote the screenplay for The last duel with Nicole Holofcener, who produces alongside Scott, Kevin J. Walsh Y Jennifer Fox. What’s more, Dariusz wolski, who served as cinematographer on six of Scott’s films, returns as cinematographer on this film.

While the 83-year-old legendary filmmaker is already working on House of gucci, his next movie, The last duel is preparing to hit theaters on October 15, courtesy of 20th Century Studios, after its premiere had to be delayed several times by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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