The Marvels: Director Nia DaCosta says it is the project in which she has had the most freedom

Ever since the whole debacle that led to the Snyder Cut, there has been a lot of talk about the creative freedom of directors in Hollywood. The reality is that when we talk about high-budget movies, we are talking about the studio having invested a lot of money and want to see it pay off. This is the reason why when the studio feels that the director’s vision is not the most adequate to obtain obscene amounts of money, he decides to intervene to make it according to his vision.

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In other words, in many cases, directors cannot fully realize their vision of the film they are working on if it does not match that of the studio. Warner has already shown that they love to interfere in movies, but they are obviously not the only ones doing it. Marvel has also fallen into using this practice.

In the particular case of that study, when the director and they are not on the same page, the result is that the first one ended up leaving the project, but agrees with the study imposing a particular vision on him. The reality is that this occurs because of the interconnected nature of the MCU. The one who has the last word in several of these projects is Kevin Feige, not the creatives involved. The two great examples are Edgar Wright and Scott Derrickson. They both had to abandon ship when they understood that Feige did not want them to make their own movie, but the one he had in mind.

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In recent times there have been indications that this is about to change. One of them came from Nia DaCosta, who will direct The marvels. The director spoke to Entertainment Weekly (via Heroic Hollywood) about her experience working with Marvel Studios. He was asked what it was like to work with them as opposed to working directing the new version of Candyman. She said the film is the project in which she has had the most creative freedom so far:

It’s a lot less traumatizing to work on it, no doubt. But this movie is also about specific things, people and sometimes sad ones. But no, it is definitely nice to work in a different world. It is wonderful. [Es] the biggest [libertad] that I have had in anything. It’s great because we’re all comic book nerds who want to make a great comic book movie.

A while ago, actress Teyonah Parris spoke with Collider about her experience working with the director. Nia DaCosta. She mentioned that she is an amazing director with whom she feels confident to share her thoughts on her character. The most important thing is that she said that she loves what she is doing and that she knows that she is going to make history with this film, which can be interpreted as going to mark a before and after in the MCU and in the superhero genre:

When it comes to her actors, I feel like she took and takes, even when we started to build the path for The Marvels, great care to listen to our feedback on who this character is, what story we are trying to tell and finding ways to do it. . For example, most of the time when I say ‘Hey, I’ve been thinking this’, she has already thought about it and is pondering it and working on ways to carry it out. She was like ‘yeah yeah yeah. I was going to get to that. There is this, that and that other that I am thinking for that moment. I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s okay.’ So I love that she’s always thinking ahead and that I always feel invited to talk to her and give her thoughts on the story, character arcs, and talk about her development. I just love his point of view. I love their sensibilities, their visual sensibilities. She is very smart. I was excited to work with her then and when I found out about The Marvels. I mean, it’s history. She is making history. She is amazing and I can’t wait for the world to see what a wonder Nia DaCosta is.

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