The new sports that will premiere in Tokyo 2020

07/19/2021 at 5:47 PM CEST

Karate, sport climbing, surfing, skateboarding, and baseball are the five new sports that will premiere at one of the most important sporting events in the world and most anticipated after it was postponed due to the pandemic caused by covid-19: The 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The sporting event I know will dispute between the Friday July 23rd and Sunday August 8th where the five new disciplines will complete a total of 33 sports.

Karate, Olympian after a long fight

Karate is one of the new sports that will be in the Tokyo Olympics after a long struggle to be part of the competition (51 years after his first request, the sports discipline will be Olympic in Japan, the country where it originated and where, of course, it could not be absent).

Finally, Japan will celebrate ‘the katas’, demonstrations of a series of offensive and defensive moves directed at a virtual opponent and the ‘kumite’, two karatekas that face each other in a competition area of ​​8×8 meters. Among the prominent names (in terms of Spain) is Sandra Sanchez: the karateka arrives at the Olympic event being the best in history in her specialty.

Up to the sky with sport climbing

The climbing is another of the new sports that will be in the Tokyo Olympics but, as a curiosity, it will have rules that have been modified for the sporting event. In addition, it will be held framed in three categories: speed, block climbing and difficulty.

Velocity: two will face each other athletes on a wall of fifteen meters. In block: Athletes will climb a specified number of fixed routes on a wall of about 4.5 meters in a specified time. In difficulty: climbers will try to climb as high as possible on a wall that measures more than fifteen meters high within a specified time.

It should be noted that each climber will compete in the three disciplines and the final classification will be determined by multiplying the points of each of the positions achieved in the tests.

Surfing catches the wave of the Olympics

Another of the new disciplines that get on the ‘wave’ of Tokyo 2020 is he surf After the International Surf Association have spent several years fighting for his sport to be part of the Tokyo Olympics. The competition will take place in the Tsurigasaki beach, on Ichinomiya (Pacific Coast of Chiba Prefecture).

Also, the idea it will be similar to that of a regular surf event– It will consist of thirty minute knockouts and knockout rounds. In total, twenty men and twenty women may participate after having passed the classification in the World Surfing Games 2020.

The skateboarding show comes to Tokyo

Also, another sport that will premiere in Tokyo is the skateboarding and it will do so in two categories: the street, a straight route that will imitate a street with stairs, handrails, curbs, etc. in which tricks, difficulty, etc. and the park, a track with slopes and complicated curves.

Baseball is Olympic again

The baseball and softball will also be part of the Tokyo Olympics but both disciplines, instead of being released, rejoin after their last appearance in Beijing 2008.

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