The RetroArch emulator now available on Amazon Fire

After the first tutorial in which we showed you how to install and turn a smartphone into a portable retro console, now the developers of RetroArch have just confirmed the new official availability of their app on the Amazon Appstore, which means that all Amazon Fire devices, including tablets and broadcast players for televisions, they can now easily download and use the app without resorting to side-downloading or workarounds.

RetroArch itself is not an emulator to use, something that would have made it difficult to distribute the application on official channels. Instead, it is a kind of platform, technically a front-end, for emulation ‘cores’ which serve as the actual engine for the consoles they emulate.

Or at least that is how they have been able to describe it to enter this legally gray area, since at the end of the day, it is about an emulator emulator capable of running thousands of ROMs of the classic entertainment systems from Nintendo, Sega, Sony and others, simply, quickly, and with results equal to or better than the originals.

RetroArch Amazon Fire

So, we will meet again with both minimalist versions offered on smartphones and PC, varying according to its use in televisions or tablets. In this way, when we access from the television, we will have the large customizable menu with several preloaded themes and compositions that will allow us to emulate the main screens of all the included consoles. And it is that beyond serving us to remember great classics, some of these interfaces will allow us to expand the use of the emulator, including the media players and other functions of their original consoles.

In addition, we will have a use and cross-platform compatibility with other applications available on Android and Steam, thus being able to create a complete environment and continue our previous games in the event that we already had a device with RetroArch.

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