the woman who inspires the new Hispano Suiza

Around the ring of Hispano Suiza It was great news in the motor world and even more important in our country. The brand that was founded in 1904 in Barcelona by the Spanish Damián Mateu Bisa and Francisco Seix Zaya, and by the Swiss Marc Birkigt; It resurfaced from its ashes after it was retaken by the Mateu family, heirs of the original founder. Its first model is the Hispano Suiza Carmen, an amazing electric supercar. But,who is the woman who inspires to this specimen?

The electric is named after a key figure in the history of the brand: Carmen Mateu. Deceased in 2018, she was the granddaughter of Damián Mateu and mother of the current president of the firm, Miguel Suqué Mateu. Carmen was born in 1936 and therefore lived the end of the first era of Hispano Suiza. During those golden years that passed between 1904 and 1946, they manufactured more than 12,000 luxury cars and managed to revolutionize the automobile industry nationwide.

Carmen’s family stood out for their good name and position. His father, Miguel Mateu i Pla, had been mayor of Barcelona, ​​president of La Caixa and Ambassador in Paris. Since 1923 they had the Castle of Peralada (Peralada, Girona), a 14th-century construction full of books, ceramics and works of art that is surrounded by almost 77,000 square meters of gardens. This environment served for Carmen to become infected with an incalculable passion for music, culture and art.

So much so, that he was formed around art and decoration and dedicated himself to it throughout his life. She married in 1957 the businessman Arturo Suqué, president of the Grup Perelada, and they formed a great business empire. They had three children Miguel, Isabel and Javier; and they always maintained that eagerness to promote their values. Hence, Carmen was the main promoter of the Peralada Festival, which has been held since 1987 in the Castle and has become a cultural reference, seeing the best artists pass through its stages.

And the idea of ​​bringing Hispano Suiza back to life had always haunted Carmen’s head, as well as that of the rest of the family. In fact, she was president of the company from the death of his father in 1972 until he handed over the position to his first-born son in 2000. It has taken almost two decades for his dream to come true and Carmen has not gotten to see it completely, however, his legacy is more alive than ever.

The family has kept Hispano Suiza for four generations and they wanted to embody that philosophy by giving the name Carmen to their first new generation specimen. Your original signature is in the rear of the electric vehicle with more than 1,000 hp, of which only 19 units will be made. Among them will be five copies of the radical Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne.

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