“This adds more fuel to the fire”

Chris Horner, at the end of 2021 F1 British GP last weekend, he made it clear that what happened in Sunday’s race, with the accident between Hamilton and Verstappen To over 290 km / h on Copse, which led to Max to impact against the tire protection barriers at a 51 G force, only greatly increases the tension already existing between Red Bull and Mercedes since the beginning of the season. Since the course began, the rivalry between the two teams has not only been reflected on the track, but also in the offices, with multiple complaints from Mercedes on the rear wing of the cars of Milton keynes, tire pressures and other factors, which led to the FIA to change certain measurement rules. It was also seen for example in the first race of the year, with
Verstappen complaining that Hamilton he jumped the limits of the track more than 30 times without being penalized in a race that the English champion would end up winning. Only 10 races have passed out of a total of 23. We have not even reached the halfway point of the championship, and the tension is higher than ever. But also, the nerves that are anticipated from the huge incident between Lewis Y Max For the remainder of the course in their particular fight, they are older. Chris Horner, head of Red bull, with his statements after the British appointment that this Tuesday publishes the Formula 1 on its official website.

“This is an incredibly difficult way to end the weekend of the British Grand Prix and it goes without saying that we are all grateful that Max was able to get out of the car, even though he was later taken to the hospital for some checkups for Caution, ”Horner said before warning that the accident made the tension between the two teams even greater from now on.

“We came out with a small advantage in both championships and You can be sure that once we’ve had time to reflect on today, all that has happened this weekend will do is add fuel to the fire in our championship fight. “commented the Principal Team of the whole energy drinks.

In this sense, he showed his joy to see that Verstappen had not suffered injuries from an accident for which he had to go to the hospital for a complete check-up, being discharged at 10pm on Sunday.

”He was conscious at all times. It was a tremendous crash, probably the biggest of his career, and totally unnecessary. Luckily he got out of the car unaided and he’s beaten and bruised, but yes, luckily he’s fine. That’s the best result today, ”Horner commented on Sunday.

Wolff responds

Also Toto wolff wanted to talk about the growing tensions between the two dominating teams of the championship.

“This championship was always very intense, because we are fighting with everything we have to stay in this fight knowing that we are not performing as well as Red Bull and Honda. Therefore, we have had big point losses in the past and today we got big points, so it is always balancing out, ”he commented, wanting to take the edge off the issue.

“A victory is a victory and a third position is a third place, and today we have scored great points, and that’s it. Write it down on the scorecard and go to the next one ”, he concluded in statements to F1.

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