This is how Lobato lived the accident between Verstappen and Hamilton

The years go by, and the emotion with which he narrates the races Antonio Lobato It remains the same. It does not matter that this time, there is still no other Spaniard in the fight for triumphs. It is expected that with the change of regulations in 2022, Ferrari, with Carlos Sainz, Y Alpine, with Fernando Alonso, try to be up. But for now, there is an incredible battle to explain to the world, the one they wage Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in the fight for the title. And in that sense, the networks applauded the passion with which Lobato narrated the electrifying first lap of the British GP, which ended with an accident between the two contenders for the crown in the famous curve of Copse.

‘DAZN F1’ published what was not seen of that nation, the gestures and nervousness with which Lobato lived that first career turn. With his eyes on the screen, Antonio kept moving as the first corners passed, with Hamilton attacking Max and the Dutchman aggressively defending his position. He would first hold on to the table, then he made a pretense of sitting down without letting go of the table, he would not stop moving and this even led him to put his foot on top of the chair.

It seemed that he was going to get excited, but finally, the clash between Max and Lewis came, and there he got up, put his hands to his head without believing what was happening. He had narrated a twist that will go down in history.

Antonio Lobato, narrating the first lap of the 2021 F1 British GP

In the cabin, Lobato appears alone, and it is that by Covid-19 protocol, his narration companions, Pedro de la Rosa and Toni Cuquerella, make their technical comments in other rooms outside.

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