This is how singer Demi Lovato has fun on the set of ‘Hungry’

Accompanied by Valerie Bertinelli, Demi Lovato has fun on the set of a new television show. Here the first images.

Demi lovato has fun on the set of the show ‘Hungry’, his return to television. After having released his album and presented his documentary “Dancing with the Devil”, the singer prepares to resume her activities.

Thus, accompanied by Valerie Bertinelli, both artists have fun on the set of their new TV pilot ‘Hungry’ in Los Angeles.

The two celebrities chatted and laughed between takes while filming some scenes in Hollywood’s Griffith Park hills last Wednesday.

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After their separation and publicizing the situation she experienced in 2018, Demi was happy and relaxed. He wore black leggings and a tiger-striped T-shirt while laughing out loud with his teammates.

On the other hand, it is the first time that actress Valerie Bertinelli has been shown since her recent collapse on Instagram. After being attacked by body shamers online, the actress has kept a low profile.

In this way, the duo have teamed up for the NBC pilot after speaking out against cyberbullying and bodily shaming, something Demi has struggled with for years.

The single-camera comedy, co-produced by Scooter braun, stars Demi as the talented food stylist ‘Teddy’, whose on-screen mother is played by Bertinelli.

Follow a group of friends who belong to a group of eating problems and help each other as they search for love, success and the perfect thing in the refrigerator that will make everything better.

Teddy, played by Lovato, is desperate for a healthy relationship with food and only dating good men. Something similar to what the singer and actress faces in her daily life.

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