This was the Verstappen radio after the accident

On Red Bull, they lived a few seconds of uncertainty and maximum tension in their box when they saw how their star, Max verstappen, collided with Hamilton at about 290 km / h, heading directly against the tire protection barriers on the outside of the curve Copse in the first round of 2021 F1 British GP. The impact was at an enormous speed, in one of the fastest corners of all the world, which caused the crash against the protections to be no less than 51 G forces. An outrage. Luckily but, due to the great evolution in the security of the Formula 1 In recent years, the Dutchman only suffered bruises and had some pain, as he said hours later Chris Horner, Red Bull boss. He was taken to the hospital to undergo a comprehensive medical check-up as a precaution and injuries were ruled out, and he was discharged at 10 p.m. on the same Sunday. It was another miracle, as they say on these occasions. But the tremendous scare they suffered in the energy drinks team will take time to forget.

Proof of this is the radio communication that the engineers of Verstappen with the pilot after the accident. “Max, are you okay?”They asked him, but there, the whole of Milton Keynes would live for a few seconds that became eternal. Max took about 7 seconds to answer, and he did so without answering the question on his wall. He responded with noises of pain and a ‘fuck’ before cutting off his message.

The video in which the radio of Verstappen is listened to:

At least his team knew the pilot was conscious. And the best news would come later, when they saw that the pilot got out of the car under his own power. He was taken to the medical center, where no injuries were seen, and later, they were completely discarded at the hospital.

”He was conscious at all times. It was a tremendous crash, probably the biggest of his career, and totally unnecessary. Luckily he got out of the car unaided and he’s beaten and bruised, but yes, luckily he’s fine. That is the best result of today “Horner said Sunday.

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