Two allegedly involved in the disappearance of an activist in Oaxaca are arrested


Elements of the State Investigation Agency detained two persons suspected of being involved in the disappearance and death of the anti-corruption activist Claudia Uruchurtu Cruz, reported on March 26 of this year, in the municipality of Asunción Nochixtlán, in the Mixteca region.

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As a result of the revelations of protected witnesses, the arrest warrant was executed against a woman, identified as Janet V., and a male, RA, “El greñas” or “El colas”.

According to versions, the accused is the wife of one of the defendants together with Lizbeth Victoria Huerta, former mayor accused of the crime of enforced disappearance The other detainee is also accused of disappearing Uruchurtu’s body against the activist. Both detainees are at the disposal of the Control Judge, who will determine your legal situation in a few hours.

In the course of the investigation, five arrests have been made of the same number of people presumed responsible for disappearing and murdering the activist, who at the time questioned the administration of the mayor, according to the Oaxaca General Prosecutor’s Office.

On the eve, the family of the missing activist confirmed that the Superior Court of Justice of Oaxaca He ratified the link to the Victoria Huerta process, as well as her lawyer and a driver.

The defendants resorted to the appeal against the link to the process that was dictated last May, by the Judge of Control of the Judicial Circuit of Valles Centrales.

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Sara Uruchurtu, through the bilingual blog “We miss Claudia” explained that the decision of the Judicial Power “means that there is sufficient evidence from the background of the investigation to establish that the crime of forced disappearance has been committed, and that there is probability that the accused committed it (to the detriment of his sister) ”.

Likewise, he thanked organizations and groups of relatives of the disappeared for joining his cause, demanding the search for his sister, as well as for truth and justice.

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