Unemployment benefit claims in the US fall again

Weekly Unemployment Benefit Claims in state United They fell again after a surprising increase in the previous week, reaching a new low since the start of the health crisis, according to data released Thursday by the Labor Department.

Between July 4 and 10, 360,000 new applications for unemployment benefits were registered, 26,000 less than the previous week, when 386,000 new applications were registered, according to the revised upward data published also on Thursday.

In total, more than 13.8 million people were still receiving some form of unemployment benefit in the week ending June 26.

Various state of the country decided to reduce or even end earlier than expected the exceptional unemployment benefits that have been paid since the beginning of the pandemic.

The authorities of those state consider that these grants are the cause of the difficulties that companies say they have in hiring employees, especially for the lowest paid positions.

But according to the president of the Federal Reserve (central bank), Jerome Powell, these difficulties should subside in the coming months.

“They are people who were working in February 2020, they want to work (…), but they can take a little extra time in many cases to look for a job that is better paid, or that they like more, or (…) that allows them work from home, “he commented this Wednesday.

“We are having a hard time matching jobs and people (…) but I really believe that within six months many of them will have returned to work and wages will have risen a bit for people at the bottom of the scale,” he added. .

He also expressed confidence Wednesday that the unemployment rate will return to 3.5%, the pre-crisis level, which stood at 5.9% in June.

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