Wall Street opens in green and the Dow Jones rises 0.49% after yesterday’s fall

New York, Jul 20 (.) .- Wall Street opened this Tuesday in green and the Dow Jones of Industrialists, its main indicator, rose 0.49% after the sharp fall the previous day, when it experienced its worst day in months.

Five minutes after the start of operations on the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones added 165.73 points, to 34,127.77, while the selective S&P 500 gained 0.34% or 14.62 units, to 4,273, eleven.

The composite index of the Nasdaq market, meanwhile, rose 0.17% or 24.12 integers and stood at 14,299.11.

The New York stock market was trying to recover from Monday’s losses, when fear of the advance of the delta variant of covid-19 caused sharp falls in all sectors and caused the Dow Jones to drop more than 2%, its biggest decline in one day since last October.

Investors fear that increased contagion in many countries will lead to re-imposition of restrictions or slow down the pace of the economic recovery, which in recent months has fueled markets and pushed New York’s major indices to their all-time highs.

In the face of nervousness, many have sought refuge in safe securities such as public debt, which has caused the yield of the US 10-year bond to fall, which today continued to fall and stood at 1,142%.

Today, almost all sectors started the session in green, led by health, real estate and industrial.

At this time, the only ones with losses were raw materials and energy, still dragged down by the drop in oil prices that is being seen this week.

Among the thirty values ​​of the Dow Jones, the rise of IBM (3.58%) stood out after presenting its quarterly accounts on Monday after the close of the markets.

They also had solid earnings Honeywell (1.53%), American Express (1.13%) or UnitedHealth (1.13%), while the biggest losses were for Travelers (-0.89%), Salesforce (-0, 30%) and Nike (-0.18%).

In other markets, Texas oil fell to 65.23 dollars a barrel, gold rose to 1,824.1 dollars an ounce and the dollar gained ground against the euro, with a change of 1.177.

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