We’ll find out if Yelena Belova was the victim of Thanos’ snap

Yelena Belova individual poster in Black Widow (2021)

Last night a “Black Widow” watchparty hosted by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Throughout the whole viewing of the film, the official Marvel Studios account on Twitter was sharing ideas and comments on the film, small curiosities, favorite scenes, etc.

One of the details that has drawn the most attention is the official confirmation by the manager that this deepening that we will have of the character of Yelena Belova, will lead us to discover whether or not he was a victim of Thanos’ finger snap that decimated half the population.

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Florence Pugh has made her debut as Yelena Belova in this Marvel movie. In addition, his return is officially confirmed for the series “Hawkeye”, scheduled to premiere at the end of the year on Disney +, thus linking with the last seen in the film by Natasha Romanoff. As in the comics, she is going to become the new Black Widow, and therefore we will continue to learn more about her. It would be expected to see her in future projects of the UCM although officially they have not said anything else.

The movie “Black Widow” has told us the basic elements of Yelena’s story, but there is still much more to know about the character, and I know that we will know more and more in future projects. It should be noted that Feige does not say that it will be in the series “Hawkeye” where we discover what happened to him during Thanos’ snap, only that we will discover it, but not in this series of tweets that he has made to comment on the film.

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