White House says it is not “at war with Facebook”

“We are not at war with Facebook,” said the White House spokeswoman on Monday, when President Joe Biden also tried to calm the atmosphere after accusing the social network of “killing people” on Friday for spreading false information about vaccines.

“We are not at war against Facebook, we are at war against the virus,” said Jen Psaki, a White House spokeswoman.

Earlier, Biden referred to strong comments he made on Friday about the massive amount of content with false information about COVID-19 vaccines circulating on Facebook.

“Facebook doesn’t kill people,” he told reporters on Monday after a speech at the White House on the US economy.

He argued that it is the users of the social network who “spread false information, information that can cause harm to anyone who receives it. This is killing people. It is bad information ”.

“This is what I meant,” added the president.

On Friday, Biden had said, in an unusually strong comment on his part, that Facebook and other social networks “are killing” people by allowing the circulation of false information that fuels public distrust of vaccines.

“They are killing people. The only pandemic we have is among those who are not vaccinated, ”he said.

The response from Mark Zuckerberg’s group was scathing: “The facts show that Facebook helps save lives, period.”

Concerned at the prospect of the vaccination campaign bogging down just as the spread of the Delta variant triggers a spike in cases, the White House markedly toughened its tone last week against big tech groups, calling on them to fight the information harder. false.

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