Why is Starro the villain in the movie Suicide Squad?

Image from The Suicide Squad (2021)

It has long been confirmed that the great villain to beat in the film “The Suicide Squad” It will be Starro. This well-known creature from the comics will be the physical challenge to which Task Force X will debut. Not only is this creature a gigantic starfish, which makes facing it directly difficult, but it also releases mini versions of itself. herself to seize other bodies, thus creating her army.

He certainly doesn’t seem like the classic movie villain, nor does he seem like the villain that many fans announced when they announced this movie at the time. That is precisely what the director explains James Gunn, sought to impact the public. He knew the character from his childhood and was terrified by then. Now, when he was older, he was attracted to aesthetics and he found it very interesting to place it in a context like that of the DC Comics movie. These have been his words during the press event of the film:

I wanted a major DC villain to be a major DC villain that people wouldn’t expect would be in a movie, and I’ve always liked Starro. As a child, Starro seemed completely terrifying to me.. The idea of ​​this giant starfish with a big eye that shoots these things that take over people’s brains, like those old images with Superman with this thing on his face, always scared me.

So it was about taking something that was completely Kaiju-ridiculous, putting it on a stage that’s on the sandy streets of Colonia, Panama, and then allowing it to do its scary business. But it is also completely scandalous. That mixture of things attracted my aesthetics, that’s all.

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The little we know about Starro’s presence in the film, apart from the alleged leaks, is that the trailer has featured the Starfish project. This is the mission for which Amanda Waller seeks new members.

The Suicide Squad (2021) Comic Style Poster by Marcelo DammThe Suicide Squad (2021) Comic Style Poster by Marcelo Damm

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