With these surveillance cameras your home will always be protected, wherever you are

Control what happens in your house when you are not with these security cameras.

You do not have to spend too much money or resort to specialized companies to set up a home security system. IP cameras, small surveillance cameras, can help you control what happens while you are away, simply and cheaply.

We bring you a selection with some good security cameras you can buy. They are comfortable, take up little space and you can easily control them from your smartphone. These are its main characteristics.

Your home, always protected with these cameras.

Xiaomi IP 360 Camera

This little camera will be able to rotate up, down, left and right without any problem. It has a horizontal viewing angle of 360 ° and a vertical angle of 115 ° to capture everything that happens. In addition, you can record in 1080p resolution, also at night thanks to its night vision system.

TP Link IP Camera

Like the previous ones, this little camera is very simple to install. It has a night vision system that promises sharp images up to 8 meters away, in addition to videos in Full HD and clarity at all times. Its rotating structure allows it to move in an angle of 360º in the horizontal plane, and up to 114º vertically.

EZVIZ Surveillance Camera

Another option if you are looking for a cheap security surveillance camera is this one made by EZVIZ. It offers you a quick and easy installation outside your house, with 1080p image capture. Also, this surveillance camera has an infrared night vision system and motion detection.

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