Women’s football at the Tokyo Olympics: schedule, results and format

07/20/2021 at 10:01 PM CEST

Ines Sanchez

The Tokyo Olympic Games will begin on July 23, although the women’s football competition will start on Wednesday 21. After USA has been rising as champion in the last two World Cups in a row, the North American team will also seek to revalidate its position as the best national team.


Japan, Canada, England and Chile will battle in a group E in which the Japanese and the English are listed as favorites. Japan managed to win its first World Cup in 2011, defeating the twentieth champion in the final. And England, although they have not yet won the European Championship or the World Cup, aspires to be one of the gold candidates. At the last World Cup, which was held in France, they showed a high level and even reached the semi-finals of the tournament. It is also worth looking closely at Canada, which despite not being one of the favorites presents a very solid team. For its part, Chile -also known as La Roja, will make its debut at the Olympic Games in this edition.

Holland, Brazil, China and Zambia make up group F. The oranges They appear as the unbeatable of the group for being runners-up in the World Cup and 20th winners of the European Championship. With Roord and Lieke Martens at the helm, they aim to achieve glory. Brazil and China are the ones that could complicate the classification the most as they are two historical teams that have obtained good results in competitions. On the other hand, it will be Zambia’s first participation in the Games. And their classification was historic by beating the national team that appeared as the great favorite, Cameroon.

Finally, the United States, Australia, Sweden and New Zealand will seek the next round. Till the date, the Americans are the ones that have hung the most gold medals, 4 in total. Only Norway and Germany have been able to take it away. With the last two World Cups in their lap, they have established themselves as the team to beat. On the other hand, Sweden is the other candidate to qualify. The national team has always been one of the most prominent on the female side. And they were the third best team in the World Cup in France. Far below them are the two remaining selections. Australia has never passed the fourth in a major championship, while New Zealand has never made it past the first round.

Championship schedule and structure

The competition will start on July 21, when on the first day of the group stage they will face England-Chile, China-Brazil, Sweden- United States, Japan-Canada, Zambia-Holland and Australia-New Zealand.

The second round of the group stage will be played three days later, on July 24, and the twelve teams will face each other again. Chile-Canada, China-Zambia, Sweden-Australia will then be played, Japan- England, Holland- Brazil and New Zealand- United States.

Finally, they will play the third day on July 27. Another six matches that will determine which national teams will play the competition playoffs. New Zealand- Sweden, United States-Australia, Chile-Japan, Canada-Great Britain, Holland- China and Brazil-Zambia will face each other on this last day.

The The quarterfinals will be played on July 30 the second in group E and F. Meanwhile, the first in group F will beat the second in G. And the two third parties who qualify will play this phase with the first in group E and G. On August 2 the semifinals will be played of the games. And on the 5th and 6th the final and the match for the third and fourth place will take place.


July 21

Great Britain – Chile (9:30 am)

China – Brazil (10: 00h)

Sweden – United States (10:30 am)

Japan – Canada (12:30 pm)

Zambia – Netherlands (1:00 p.m.)

Australia – New Zealand (1:30 p.m.)

July 24

Chile – Canada (9:30 am)

China – Zambia (10:00 am)

Sweden – Australia (10:30 am)

Japan – Great Britain (12:30 pm)

Netherlands – Brazil (1:00 p.m.)

New Zealand – United States (1:30 p.m.)

July 27th

New Zealand – Sweden (10: 00h)

United States – Australia (10: 00h)

Chile – Japan (1:00 p.m.)

Canada – Great Britain (1:00 p.m.)

Netherlands – China (1:30 p.m.)

Brazil – Zambia (1:30 p.m.)

July 30

Quarter finals

August 2nd


August 5 and 6

Third place and final

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