World Chess Day: Famous people who play

Celebrities, athletes, singers and historical figures are or have been great fans of this sport.

Julia Roberts She is a chess fanatic, she has played more than 10,000 games on the Internet. In Pretty Woman, she plays chess, but loses terribly, insisting that she simply likes to move certain pieces for no reason.

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Arnold schwarzenegger he’s a huge fan. The quarantine was spent between weights and chess games.

World Chess Day: Famous people who play

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Sting, the British musician leader of the band The Police, is a huge chess fan and even played a game with the great Kasparov.

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The actor Humphrey bogart he was an excellent chess player. Before he started making money as an actor, he made a little money playing in the parks of New York and Coney Island.

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Anya Taylor-Joy “I knew there was a board and there were some pieces, but that was it,” acknowledged Anya, who plays a chess master named Beth Harmon. “So I am delighted that my introduction to this game has come from such wonderful people and fantastic teachers that I have had filming,” he said.

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The Russian Communist Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin He was involved in chess for most of his life: he played chess, solved chess problems, and studied extensively.

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The tennis legend Boris becker explained in an interview that playing chess was key to mental preparation on the court. “One thing that not many people know about me is my love of chess. I got it when I was a teenager, and it always helped my tennis as a mental stimulus, ”he said.

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