YouTube adds a new monetization feature

Monetization is a key element of the platforms, and YouTube knows it perfectly. It is necessary for two reasons, the first is cover infrastructure costs Y generate sufficient profits enough to be worth keeping the service operational, and the second is to be able to reward creators that feed these services with content. And, what would YouTube be without hundreds of thousands of people uploading videos daily?

In the early days of YouTube, simple online publication was already the reward for the creator, but now that is far, far away, a new and complex content market has been created, and platforms must find a way to ensure that their creators do not decide to try to navigate in other waters, something that in recent years we have seen happen, with many creators who have made the leap from YouTube to Twitch.

Obviously YouTube has not stood idly by, and for a while now has improved both its functions related to direct, such as their monetization possibilities, and it has also launched paid subscriptions to channels, something that no one has the slightest doubt that it has been inspired by Twitch. And it is that more and more people, when considering what will define the next generation of youtubers, we think that they will actually be streamers.

Nevertheless, video on demand remains YouTube’s mainstayTherefore, although it has concentrated an important effort on improving its live shows, it is not allowed to neglect the incentives for content creators to continue uploading videos and more videos to the platform. The latest example of this is, as we can read on Mashable, Super Thanks, a function with which users can financially reward creators in a timely manner.

This support format will surely be familiar to you if you usually watch direct on YouTube, as we can read reproduces the operation of donations associated with comments, and that in the case of direct ones, they allow a message to be highlighted in the chat, and that depending on the amount of the donation it remains visible for more or less time, regardless of the rate at which it is being published in the chat.

The creators They will not have to do anything to start receiving donations through Super Thanks. This feature will be activated automatically in all partner channels of the platform and in content that have monetization activated. Donations can be between two and 50 dollars, and it is very interesting for many people, who want to support a channel or content in a timely manner, instead of establishing the commitment that paid subscriptions can entail.

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