5 devices and gadgets that cannot be missing in your home

The gadgets for your home they make your life much easier.
It is a series of varied products that allow you to automate a series of tasks that in other times it was not possible to do automatically.

For example, it is now possible to forget about vacuuming or even to turn a light on and off by hand. Something that was unthinkable a few years ago and that was part of science fiction, now has managed to come true And the mass production of these gadgets for your home has reduced costs.

And it is not necessary to have the home of the future to be able to install them, in most cases it is enough to connect them to the electrical current and configure them to the Wi-Fi network of your home. It’s about the democratization of technology and that is put at the service of the domestic user.

The arrival of home automation has allowed us to perform tasks remotely, getting more time for ourselves. Other gadgets were unlucky and ostracized. Therefore, we invite you to know the gadgets for your home that you can ask for this Christmas. Make technology work for and for you.

5 essential gadgets for your home

Robot vacuum cleaner, rest while working

Tremendously popular in Spain, this type of robot has been with us for some years now and the progressive lowering of its cost has made them available to anyone.

Mainly there are two models, those that only aspire, and others capable in addition to scrub or mop the surface. The most advanced are able to recognize the area of ​​the room and go directly to the areas that have more dirt.

They can also be controlled from a mobile application so you don’t even have to bend down to turn them on. On the other hand, when they have finished their task it returns to its charging base and they regain power for the next time. You can find them for less than 100 euros in its most basic versions.

Smart speaker, more than music

This type of product is managing to make a very important niche in our homes. They perform much more functions than those of playing music, since they are connected to the Wi-Fi network of our home or business manages to automate some tasks.

For example, you can tell any command that the speaker will respond to you. Knowing the weather forecast or the answer to any question such as the year of birth of a celebrity is a simple task for your smart speaker. Currently competing with each other are Amazon, Google, and Apple speakers. For tastes, it is best to buy prices and features.

Designed for more than just playing music, smart speakers are the star gift this Christmas.

Lighting systems, there was light

The lighting that we provide to our home makes a lot of sense. Since we have scrapped incandescent bulbs and are embracing LED technology, there is a type of smart lighting system that allows create different environments in our rooms.

Through voice commands, you can make a room turn on or off at a certain time, or that the light that is put on is suitable for reading or as an environment. Likewise, it is possible choose between different shades that most go with our decoration or our mood, since intelligent lighting systems are capable of providing a wide range of light in the color we want.

Air purifier, necessary in the COVID era

The passage of the pandemic has left a certain halo of psychosis among society. If there is something we can do for our home, it is to install an air purifying system, which although they have a fluctuating price and that amounts to several hundred euros, they achieve renovating the interior of the rooms and prevent the air from being stale.

They are also capable of cooling or heating the room, making it a multiple system capable of various tasks. Know what you breathe clean air and combining it with the ventilation of the open windows, you get to gain in tranquility and of course, in health.

IP cameras, one of the basic gadgets for your home

Through these cameras it is quite inexpensive and offers many guarantees. Thanks to them you can control what happens in a room, know how the domestic service behaves or be able to control your children while they play. Currently, the range of this type of camera is very wide and no need to invest a lot of money to obtain a quality service. If you already have a contracted alarm service in your home or home, it is a supplement that always comes in handy and whose recordings can even serve as evidence in a trial.

The gadgets for your home They are right now at the forefront, and getting one of them is very simple. An Internet search will suffice to obtain more information and know more about its use and possibilities. Take advantage of the fact that Christmas is just around the corner and equip your home with them.

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