5G will shoot operators’ sales by 30%

The technology 5G will mean an increase of up to 30% in the sales of the telemarketers. The implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and technology 5G will mean an increase in the volume of business of telecommunications operators from between the 12 and 30% between now and 2026, according to analysts consulted by the . Agency.

This technology offers “a great opportunity” for telecommunications operators to “assume new roles” and act “As more than network developers”, addressing new sources of income by becoming service enablers “and even service creators”, as explained from Ericsson Spain.

According Miguel Ángel Bernal, professor at the Foundation for Financial Studies (FEF), this technology “will be the central weight of the economy” in the next two years.

But not only the operators will benefit. The director of data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft in Spain, Luis Montero, warns that the adoption of the Internet of Things in companies will amount to 1.1 trillion dollars (1 trillion euros) in 2025.

“What all these systems are going to do is capture real business and create additional business with respect to the income that companies have,” he emphasizes. But for this, experts consider investment in R + D + i.

Bernal estimates that the companies will reach “Double or triple” the investments and capabilities of 5G, the technology necessary for the development of the IoT.

Many of them are already betting heavily on this technology. Microsoft has committed to investing more than 5,000 million dollars (4,522 million euros) and smaller companies like Xiaomi will invest more than 1,000 million dollars (904 million euros).

Montero explains that thanks to this investment, his company can achieve a “very high” computing and monitoring capacity, which translates into an “opportunity to optimize resources and introduce efficiency in all production processes” of his company.

Another of the companies that has opted for the implementation of the Internet of Things to improve its operations is Starbucks. In 2013 they connected all their machines, something that allows them to anticipate breakdowns so that all their cafeterias are operating at full capacity.

On the other hand, the implementation of this digital interconnection carries a series of risks such as hacking, vulnerability and the fraudulent use of user data.

These dangers are of particular concern to users of smart locks, which allow the door to be opened without the need for a classic key, simply with a mobile application or a fingerprint.

To avoid this, the British company BSI is dedicated to generating standards and regulations in the hands of international groups and the European Comission. Subsequently, they verify in their laboratories with their own audit systems that this is carried out “leaving constant the security conditions in which they have been manufactured,” as stated Javier Castells, director and manager of BSI in Spain and Italy.

“The risk you don’t want to take is that that lock will be vandalized or hacked. That is why we carry out verifications in a laboratory, where this lock is tested according to standards. We already have clients in this market, ”says Castells.

It also ensures that it already works with telecommunications companies, with government agencies in the United Arab Emirates and with the British government’s department of culture in the development of standards, as well as with manufacturers of digital locks and startups that develop autonomous cars.

The manager points out that 20% of the company’s business volume already has to do with the cybersecurity area. According to the study “Summary of search and studies 2019” prepared by Microsoft, 94% of companies will make use of this technological innovation by the end of 2021.

In the health sector, the internet of things will allow remote medical operations to be carried out. “A user who suffers from an ailment and needs to be operated on will be able to undergo surgery through a doctor who performs the operation remotely, from another location,” exemplifies Bernal.

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