A lighter version of the PlayStation 5 will hit stores very soon

Just eight months after launch, Sony already has the PlayStation 5 first review. It is, however, a minor modification that will only affect the Digital Edition. That is, the one that does not integrate a disk reader. Although there will be no changes in the peculiar exterior design, much less in its performance, apparently it will have some internal hardware news that Sony has not yet specified.

According to the data provided in the product manual (via VGC), the new model of the PlayStation 5 weighs 3.6 kilograms. It is here where the first big surprise arises, since the version that is currently marketed reaches 3.9 kg. It is lighter for 300 grams. The difference will be barely noticeable when moving the console from one place to another, as it is not a constant activity.

Another novelty is found in the support. Remember that the PlayStation 5 includes a stand to place it in a vertical position. According to the images they share on ResetEra, the screw that attaches the base to the console will be slightly different. On the other hand, this model of the PS5 Digital Edition is the CFI-1100B; the one that we still find in stores is the CFI-1000B. The data is important if you plan to purchase the hardware in the coming weeks.

When will the first revision of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition be available? Considering that some stores in Japan have already listed it in their database, most likely will be marketed from the last week of July or beginning of August. Being a model whose changes are minor, surely Sony will not have the need to comment on the matter. In fact, these types of movements have already occurred with the PlayStation consoles of previous generations.

Months ago, DigitTimes announced that Sony did not rule out the possibility of redesigning the GPU of the PlayStation 5 to address the global shortage of components. However, don’t expect the CFI-1100B to be part of that supposed strategy. It will be until these units reach their future owners that we will be able to know exactly what was done internally to reduce their weight by 300 grams.

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