A new era is about to begin in the BRAVE CF light heavyweight division with a new kingpin.

The Brave Combat Federation light heavyweight division title has been vacant since 2018, but that doesn’t mean the division has been dormant for the past three years.

In fact, it has been one of the most exciting divisions to follow for BRAVE CF fans.

With several big names rising through the ranks, such as Zvonimir Kralj, Malik Merad and Todd Stoute, to name a few the task of determining the next world champion will be decided in a competition between none other than Mohammad Fakhreddine and Mohamed.

The first fighter to be hired by the BRAVE Combat Federation, in 2016, Mohammad Fakhreddine is arguably the most popular name in MMA in the Middle East, with a large following and a brilliant career.

Reigning middleweight champion Fakhreddine is looking to become the first double champion in BRAVE CF and in Arab history.

His opponent, Mohamed Said Maalem, had a meteoric rise within the truly global MMA promotion and, in addition to his hard-hitting knockouts, he developed a fierce rivalry with Fakhreddine in recent months.

After much anticipation and an anticlimactic last minute cancellation, Fakhreddine and Said Maalem are finally ready to resolve their differences and crown the next light heavyweight champion.

They will meet at the BRAVE CF 52 night’s main event on August 1, in Milan, Italy.

With a champion sitting at the top of the division, motivation will be high and whoever wins the next title fight will have a target on their back in the near future.

If we begin the “Said Maleem Era” on August 1, it will be the rise of the new generation of MENA fighters, with this Franco-Algerian powerhouse beginning a reign of terror over the light heavyweight division.

If we end the “Fakhreddine era,” it will be the first time a fighter has sat on two thrones simultaneously in the fastest growing MMA promotion.

Fakhreddine, who constantly mentions his intentions to be as active as possible, will have two different talent pools to choose from for his next challenge.

Regardless of the outcome of the title fight, however, one thing is for sure: Things are about to get even more exciting on the heavier side of the BRAVE Combat Federation spectrum.

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