ALARMING | Drastic increase in Covid in Miami Dade

July 20, 2021July 20, 2021


In an interview for the Dígalo Aqui program with the José Pernalete community, Dr. Nuria Lawson pointed out that the number of Covid-19 cases currently reported in Miami Dade County is alarming.

He affirmed that only about two months ago, in the local hospitals two or three people were hospitalized, however at present that figure has increased considerably and up to 25 hospitalizations for covid are being registered in the medical centers.

In the opinion of the specialist, “we are returning to the bad times of the pandemic”, severe infections of this disease.

Most of the cases, according to the doctor, are being registered, in patients who have not been vaccinated, who are also presenting the delta variant, which is five times easier to spread.

He called on citizens to coldly evaluate what it means not to be vaccinated, he stressed that people who are not vaccinated have a greater chance of becoming infected and dying.


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