Alpine talks about Alonso’s future and his contract

When the signing of Fernando Alonso by the Alpine team was announced to return to Formula 1 in this 2021, the specific words that Renault used were that he would be with them “the next seasons”. There was then talk of a two-year contract, until 2022, with the option of another course. And now, Laurent Rossi, speaking to the BBC, revealed that the Asturian’s current contract is for “one plus one”, that is, the 2021 season, with the option of another. But do not spread panic. It is clear that the Spaniard will continue in Alpine in 2021. In fact, the Spaniard said that he would return in 2021 to take this year as a great preparation to face the challenge of the 2022 change of regulations together with Alpine. The Asturian has always taken it for granted. Even if Rossi, CEO of Alpine, wants to keep the uncertainty alive a little longer by stating that “he is doing very well” when asked if Fernando will continue in 2022 with the French team.

Fernando Alonso is leading the 2022 French car project with his instructions after his simulator sessions at the factory With the new car, all this, so that the engineers can fine-tune their steps and head on the right path in creating the car. So that, It does not make sense that Rossi now does not take for granted something that, if not signed, should be considered as a mere procedure. Alonso will remain at Alpine in 2022.

“He is doing very well. It is as fast as ever. Without a doubt, he is getting the most out of the car. The car is not incredibly fast and it still manages to do some super fast laps and qualify the car very well. So far so good. If it will continue in 2022? You are doing everything possible for me to consider exercising this contractual option“, answered. Interestingly, that was the same answer he said before the Esteban Ocon renewal was announced. So no matter how spicy you want to put it, there isn’t much of a secret to it all.

Where there are more doubts is for 2023. In the aforementioned medium, Laurent Rossi was also asked about the possibility of Fernando Alonso continuing in two years at Alpine, beyond 2022. The Asturian has already said on several occasions that he has rope for a while and that he feels like a “25-year-old” boy despite his 40th birthday on July 29.

“It will be a problem for the rich if at the end of 2022 I have people like Oscar Piastri and Guanyu Zhou knocking on the door and at the same time Fernando winning race after race. At least I have those options “He commented on the matter, not wanting to venture into giving his verdict.

Exalt Alonso’s work

“He is incredibly easy to work with so far. It’s been six months and I don’t recognize the Fernando that people describe. We both expect the same from the team. Always challenging any decision, any status quo, to systematically improve things. ‘It’s never enough. Getting a point is not good. Getting two points is not good. Finishing second, when it happens, is not good enough. Finish first, we have to remain first. ” I like this attitude.

“It is a challenge for everyone all the time, but with a lot of respect. And he can do it because he has proven his worth, so it’s not like he wants to deflect responsibility. “

Alpine performance downturn in 2021 vs. 2020

“I would be lying if I said that I am completely fine and calm, because obviously a large part of the team that produced this car will continue to do the next one, so if we don’t change a couple of things and we don’t change course, we will get the same results. But we are doing it. “

Operational changes at the factory and on the track

“I am confident that we can deliver better results than this year because it is not a satisfactory performance. Sevenths is not where we want to be. If we finish in this place, even though we knew that this year’s car was not going to be world champion, it will be a disappointment. “

About Esteban Ocon and his downturn after renewing

“He has a lot of talent that has not yet been exploited. World Champion gear may not be guaranteed. Who can be called that? There are not many pilots like this at the moment ”.

“I would not let anyone say that he is a junior driver than Carlos (Sainz) or any of the second best drivers. So at least I have an excellent second driver and frankly I think he has everything it takes to become a superior driver. “

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