Ana Parra entered EXATLON through her mother-in-law

Telemundo The fifth season of Exatlon USA returned on January 26.

The last weeks of the fifth season of EXATLON United States are like sitting in the front row to follow step by step all the events of each circuit and the daily tests that the contestants who follow with a ticket within the Telemundo reality show must undergo. .

And in addition to the hand-to-hand that have been intensifying, between the red and blue warriors, EXATLON has tried to make the fervent viewers and followers of the show know more and more about the participants and about their lives, beyond the competition. .

And this time Ana Parra, from the Contendientes team, confessed to Chelly Cantú, and revealed that it was nothing more and nothing less than her mother-in-law who pushed her to jump into the EXATLON ring.

This was stated by the civil engineer and model, who, in dialogue with the co-host of the Telemundo program, answered a question that a user sent, where she asked why she entered the competition.

With great sincerity and narrating step by step what motivated her to enroll in the program, the Colombian athlete stressed that she was pushed by her mother-in-law, with whom she ended up liking the program.

“My mother-in-law loves to watch Exatlon. Once I saw her that she was watching the program, and I sat down to watch it with her and it struck me, ”confessed the member of the Blues team.

Ana Parra also said that she saw in EXATLON an opportunity to challenge herself and a possibility of growth, so as the days went by she felt she had to find a way to enter reality.

“I am one of those people who likes to challenge myself in which I have to overcome myself. And when I came in, I said, ‘this is going to be very difficult for me,’ and I liked that. Knowing that I had to make an effort, that I had to come to hit hard, to fight for my team, ”said the Colombian, highlighting that she always tries to put her soul and heart into the war to defend her team.

“My team has been very competitive. I love working for my team, so that’s why I entered. Thank you very much for asking me, so any questions that all the fans have, I will be here to answer them, I am happy that they ask me, that they want to know about me, how everything is here, and well, thank you very much and blessings ” , concluded the strong Ana Parra.

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