At 47, Penelope Cruz looks more radiant than ever

Actress Penelope Cruz looks more radiant than ever during her vacation in Italy. In addition, he said goodbye with an emotional message to his mother-in-law.

At 47 years old, Penelope Cruz looks more radiant than ever. The actress is vacationing in Fregene, Italy.

Thus, the Spanish Hollywood actress enjoys a day at the beach with her children Luna and Leonardo while they vacation on the beaches of Italy.

In his prime, Cruz shows off his sexy figure on the beach while walking his pet.

In addition, she took advantage of the summer heat and took a dip in the sea with a red bathing suit that showed her fit body.

Penelope, who is married to the Hollywood actor Javier Bardem, had recently paid a loving tribute to his mother-in-law, Pilar Bardem.

“Dear Pilar!”, He began, “I look at this photo and I wonder what our reaction would have been if someone had told us at that moment that destiny had wonderful plans to unite us beyond the cinema.”

This is how the actress wrote in an Instagram post along with a photo of both in ‘Tremulous Meat’ scored by Pedro Almodóvar. Back then, they still didn’t know that life would bring them together as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

And she continues: “You were always so good to me! You can’t dream of a better mother-in-law.
Thank you for all the love you have given us, your children, your grandchildren, all your family and friends. “

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“Thank you for having always put yourself on the side of those who need it the most. For raising your voice in the face of injustice. For leaving your skin fighting to improve the living conditions of the most needy members of our sector, without ever expecting anything in return, “wrote the actress.

“It cannot be forgotten that in our profession many things have improved thanks to your great effort over the years, without ever giving up. You’re admirable.”

And he concluded the emotional message with a “I will always carry you in my heart. Thanks Pilar. “

Pilar Bardem sadly passed away from a lung disease at the age of 82. The actress, mother of three children who are also actors, left an indelible mark on the Spanish film, television and theater industry.

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