Biosimilar medicines: sustainable innovation

During the approach to a certain disease, if the doctor considers it, You can decide whether to start a new treatment with a biosimilar medicine directly or to substitute a reference biological medicine for its biosimilar equivalent, always providing the patient with all the necessary information.

Fair implementation

The autonomous communities have been drawing up strategies for years to guarantee the implementation of these therapies in all hospitals in an equitable way. Some strategies that are recognized each year in the Best in Class (BiC) Awards, awarded by Gaceta Médica and the Chair of Innovation and Health Management of the Rey Juan Carlos University. In 2020, the Community of Madrid was the winner of the award for the Best Innovation and Biosimilars Project, which has the collaboration of Novartis. The BiCs review in this edition the regions that meet with greater determination a series of indicators that allow assessing their commitment to these therapies, for the sake of sustainability.

Within the framework of the BIC awards, the deputy director general of pharmacy of the Community of Madrid, María José Calvo, emphasizes two basic keys: training for professionals and information for patients. This duality is necessary, he explains, so that the former transfer their knowledge and can approach the treatment together with the patients. They also actively work with hospital pharmacy specialists, especially in management, centralized purchasing and to promote that biosimilars are included in all services of all hospitals as one of the main alternatives.

As Calvo assures, these high impact molecules “have led to great savings in the system” due to their great efficiency. Precisely, some time ago, the Community of Madrid launched the Results Observatory, which offers useful information to citizens on the use of these therapies in each hospital. “In short, we recommend, train and advise. We go hand in hand with the professionals, helping them from the part of training and management, and they from the conviction within hospitals ”, concludes this expert.

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