Camila Cabello sends a message to those who criticize her body

Camila Cabello went out to exercise in Beverly Hills and there were many who criticized her curves; now, the singer defends herself.

Camila Cabello is an artist loyal to her principles, who has always tried to escape scandals and stay in the public eye for her work; Even so, he has opened a slight space to share his joys with Shawn Mendes but at the same time, he has become the target of accusations from those who believe that he does not fit the beauty standard dictated by society.

After she has shown her natural body on the beach and in her ordinary life, Camila was running in a Beverly Hills park in an Alo Yoga outfit consisting of a bralette and high-waisted leggings, when she began to receive criticism in social media.

Since some users called her fat and sloppy, Camila went to the trouble of uploading a video to her Tik Tok account in which she explains that she was living her life as a normal person trying to stay healthy when they unraveled her on social media. However, she was grateful for her body, which allows her to do what she needs to, because she is a real woman with curves, cellulite, and stretch marks!

With these statements, Camila has once again become an example of self-love, which in case someone asks her, consists of accepting herself as she is. In a world in which there are an infinity of bodies and people, the most valuable thing is to accept how we are individually, without trying to change ourselves, but being aware of our health and well-being, just as Camila has always done, good for her!

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