characteristics, differences and prices between their models

If there is something that the Apple watch has managed to contribute in the changing technological world is its usefulness. Anyone who purchases any of Apple’s smart watches knows that they are buying more than a device to see the time. Those from Cupertino managed to pull out of their sleeve in 2015 a comprehensive watch in the magnitude of their word.

Because If there is one thing that can define it, it is versatility. The investment made is well worth it, as they are devices that serve as GPS, to view notifications, monitor our soil and health, as well as being able to be used as a means of payment or a substitute for the telephone.

Let’s see what are the different models of Apple Watch that you can buy right now, their characteristics, differences and prices, everything so that your purchase is as successful as possible.

Apple Watch, its models and features

Apple Watch Series 3

Although it was launched in 2017, it is a fully valid watch. In fact, its design has served as the basis for subsequent generations. It has the old dial size, which is no longer used, of 38mm for women and 42mm for men. It was the first device to become independent from the iPhone, since you can buy it with LTE connectivity, although not in Spain, and that allows you to use it without having the phone nearby. It has the always grateful Retina display.

It has all kinds of notification notifications, including heart rate ones. Ideal for people who do not want to spend a lot on their new watch, as part of a price of 219 euros on the manufacturer’s website, and it is an option that meets the needs of users of any kind. Not only is it a competitive watch, but it has not yet lagged behind in performance.

Apple Watch SE

Under the acronym SE hides a marvel of a watch with a retina screen, which is the one that offers the highest quality of vision. Launched this year 2020 Together with the Apple Watch Series 6, it is the cheapest alternative to the flagship of the Californian brand. It has everything that a watch with these characteristics should have, except the electrocardiogram function, although it has the fall detection function, ideal for the elderly.

It can be said that it is the cheap option for anyone who wants a fully updated smartwatch. The screen sizes are 40 and 44 mm, whether it is a women’s or men’s wrist. The chassis is made of aluminum, which is usually quite resistant and the screen will have the Always on system in a future update, so it always stays on without the battery suffering too much. You can find it from € 299 in its most basic version, and € 349 if we choose LTE connectivity, which allows use it as a phone even with the iPhone out of reach.

Apple Watch Series 6

We got to the star model that was presented at the September keynote. It is an evolution of a totally successful model, such as the Apple Watch Series 4 and which had a minimal revision the following year with the Series 5. In this case, we are talking about the total watch, available in sizes 40 and 44 mm wrist and has an extensive battery of resources dedicated to health, the great concern of Apple developers. Many times it has been shown how the Apple Watch is capable of saving lives.

If the Apple Watch Series 4 included the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram with medical precision, in this device the oximeter and the detection of falls have been added, thanks to an advanced sensor system. Obviously it is a device also available with an LTE connection, so you can forget about the iPhone at any time. The starting price is € 429 if we choose the GPS only option and with an aluminum case, being € 529 if we buy it with the LTE option, rising to € 779 if we change the aluminum case for the steel one or € 879 if it is made of titanium, the most resistant material. The investment in this device, regardless of its price, is more than justified.

Other models

Apple also markets the Apple Watch Series 6 in its Hermès variant, the prestigious French fashion firm. In this case, the watch case is always stainless steel or titanium, marking the difference in the distinguished leather straps that we can choose. We are talking not only about a watch, but about a declaration of principles and good taste, since the watches in this line acquire a special dimension.

Be that as it may, the Apple watch It is the ultimate device for those who want to have it all on their wrist. They allow both from registering our sports trainings, to answering a WhatsApp notification, or reading an email. The feeling of freedom that this type of device gives if we choose it with the LTE version, which makes us do without the phone, is very suitable for those moments in which our mobile is not available, such as when we go out to do sports or train. The Apple Watch continues to lead the line of wearables of all brands, as it is the most imitated smartwatch in the world.

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