Charlie Cox cancels convention appearance while Spider-Man: No Way Home scenes are being re-filmed

Netflix’s Marvel series had many fans, but without a doubt the most loved and best received was Daredevil – 93%. For this reason, all kinds of rumors have arisen about the possible appearance of Matt Murdock in the MCU and, specifically, in Spider-Man: No Way Home. All these rumors ensure that Charlie Cox is going to play the character again. One of the rumors clarified that the film will ignore the adventures of the character on the streaming service. Just the same actor is going to play a completely new version for the MCU.

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Of course, Marvel hasn’t made any kind of official announcement on this. We have no idea if it will appear or not. It’s a possibility, like many others that never come to fruition in the MCU.

That said, these days there was a turn in events that has made several think that perhaps these rumors have some truth. The actor was going to appear at the convention called Celebrity Fan Fest on August 6 and 7 along with Krysten Ritter, who played Jessica Jones in the eponymous series. Now the same convention announced (via Comic Book) that this will no longer happen because the actor due to changes in his filming schedule:

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Good news and some sad news! The good news: Tomorrow (Wednesday 07/21) we will announce a new guest for Saturday, August 7 and Sunday, August 8. This is a very positive announcement and we think fans are going to be very excited that this new guest has been added to Celebrity Fan Fest 2021.

The sad news: Unfortunately, due to last minute changes to his filming schedule, Charlie Cox will no longer be able to join us at the Celebrity Fan Fest. But don’t worry, if you send an item to SWAU to sign or still want to sign it, he has kindly agreed to make sure everything is signed.

Surely you are wondering the following: what does that have to do with the rumors about his entry into the MCU? The only thing the actor was officially filming is the Irish drama series Kin, but filming for that officially ended a while ago. That leaves the question of what could be recording in August.

Remember that fans have found evidence that Marvel had to resume production on the Peter Parker movie to record additional material. Remember that Kevin Feige had already said on occasion that this is instrumental in the success of any movie. More than one fan has concluded that this is the footage that is occupying Cox’s time. It would really be possible, but it is not a fact far from it.

In addition, there is another property of the MCU that is being recorded at the moment and in which it has been said that we could see the actor. Of course, I am referring to She-hulk. That Disney Plus program has been described as a legal comedy and for that reason it would make all the sense in the world to see one of Marvel’s most famous lawyers in it; I mean, Matt Murdock. This should definitely not be taken lightly.

We must not forget that at the beginning of the year Kevin Feige, in an interview with Deadline said that they have no immediate plans for any of the characters that appeared in the Netflix series, but mentioned that he was not going to say a rude no in terms of reviving it because you never know what might happen:

I’ve worked at Marvel long enough to know that you should never say never about anything.

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