Charlo-Castaño 2 and the solution to the distribution of belts

The current boxing only for its champions distributes more than one hundred belts. A scary reality, but that could rise beyond 200, if the other organizations decide to imitate the debauchery of the WBA, the great champion in the cast. But, are we condemned to helplessly assist the degradation of the spirit of competition under that true madness or directly, that true ‘riot’ when it comes to giving belts to anyone?

The drama can be fixed to the extent that there is interest in fixing it. That is the first topic of this video, a solution proposal based on reducing the number of WBA championships, where we take the heavyweight division as an example, to present the current and possible new format, along with problems punctual and unacceptable, as, for example, what is happening in the superfly division of the WBC. Where they retired Juan Francisco Gallo Estrada and left it vacant !, in direct benefit of Sor Rungvisai or Carlos Cuadras.

The second topic of this video, from minute (10:32), has to do with good or bad expectations for an immediate rematch or not, between Jermell Charlo and Brian Castaño. The options are limited, that is, they are indirect clauses that would force you to negotiate at a difficult time and against the clock. About those options and what I think will finally happen, I talk to you in this video.

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