Cher pampers herself during a trip to Portofino with her friends

Cher is traveling in Portofino, Italy, where she has never stopped laughing with her friends and tasting the delicacies of the place.

Cher always achieves what she sets out to do: be it becoming a legend, rescuing an elephant or experiencing an epic night while looking great at Gemelli restaurant in Portofino.

Not caring at all about the height of her heels, the star enjoyed some cocktails, made room for a gelato, and spent a fun evening with some of her closest friends after being home for several months.

Dressed entirely in black, with plain leggings, a blouse with sparkles of sequins that fell in the form of a bow on her chest and a bomber jacket with two-tone sleeves, Cher retains her eternal youth and continues to be the envy of those who have not reached her 75 years and wish they looked like her.

The singer kept a natural makeup that emphasized her eyes with bright brick-colored shadows and wore long metallic-effect nails every time she held her drink: a strawberry daiquiri, as she caught up with her companions.

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