Clubhouse no longer requires an invitation

Clubhouse has been a topic of conversation since the beginning of the year. And for various reasons, too. The first, of course, was a very innovative format, which brings to social networks an approach reminiscent of podcasts. Furthermore, the fact that the talks are ephemeral, that is, that they are not kept so that they can be heard later, raises even more interest in being able to attend them, since it is a kind of “now or never”.

Part of the interest of these Clubhouse talks also has to do with the presence of celebrities from multiple fields. For example, Elon Musk took advantage of a Clubhouse talk to reveal some Neuralink advancements, and there have been more such cases. And there is a third point that has made many people want to access … and they couldn’t do it. Since its launch, the service has remained in beta and was only accessible by invitation. And it is well known that this generates a tremendously intense attraction effect.

However, Clubhouse’s success has led to many other social networks trying to reproduce what this service offers and, in a few months, they have already created their alternatives, something that points directly to the waterline of the new service. With the difference, of course, that in these cases access has been open, in order to capture users interested in the Clubhouse approach, but who have not been able to access it.

This obviously it has been a problem for the service, and a few months ago we told you that those responsible seemed to have stepped on the accelerator in relation to the invitations that users were receiving to invite their contacts. In addition, it also recently made the leap to Android, since in its origins it was only accessible from iOS, another limitation, which its rivals also decided to take advantage of.

Now, when it is about a year since the launch of the service, they have finally decided to go for it and Clubhouse is now accessible without invitation. In other words, starting today, any user who wishes can join the service. Now the key will be to verify its operation without a limited number of users, as growth can pose a challenge both for your infrastructure and for security measures aimed at preventing disallowed content.

“The invitation system has been an important part of our early history,” wrote Clubhouse founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth in their blog announcement. They note that adding users in waves and integrating new users into the app community through town halls and orientation sessions helped Clubhouse grow at a healthy pace without breaking down, “but we’ve always wanted the Clubhouse to be open.”

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