Confinement will no longer be so severe, says Ssa

MEXICO CITY. Despite the growth in the number of infections of covid-19, the confinement will be less severe and activities such as education will no longer be closed, said the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

He pointed out that the epidemiological traffic light that establishes the conditions of the disease in each state will be modified so that, despite being in red, activities are maintained, such as school classes.

Even at the highest color on the scale it no longer implies absolute closures and there are public activities, in particular education, that will no longer be subject to closure, in the same context that essential economic activities were considered when the confinement was severe ”.


Although the growth of the epidemic in recent weeks has been more marked among the younger population, he reiterated that face-to-face school activity cannot be closed, as happened at the end of the 2019-2020 cycle and throughout the entire cycle school just concluded.

That of public education, due to the consequences it has on youth and children who have to be in this special state of seclusion, that has emotional and psychosocial consequences, for those reasons confinement cannot be as severe, as strict as It was at the beginning, when we had the national day of healthy distance ”, he declared.

He added that the confinement strategy like the one registered a year ago will not be returned, since the economy of most of the population would not support it.

We have a tired, fatigued society from these long months of epidemic, what one can ask of society, in terms of reduced mobility, is not the same today as it was in February 2020.

The confinement will no longer imply absolute closures as it meant at the beginning of the national day of healthy distance, ”he reiterated.

He stated that the pandemic is growing among the sector of less than 50 years, for which he called for you to get vaccinated against covid-19 and to maintain the recommended protection and hygiene measures.


Representatives of parents and teachers reproached the contradiction of the authorities who for months assured that they could only think of a face-to-face return to school classes until the epidemiological traffic light was green, after the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López- Gatell, announced that it will be modified so that, despite being in red, the activities in the classrooms are maintained amid the spike in infections.


They warned that the undersecretary’s sayings are irresponsible given the panorama of schools that lack potable water and that were vandalized during the pandemic.

We see with concern that the Undersecretary of Health has the vision of wanting to return in person when all the conditions exist that invite us to be prudent, to be measured and to have a better strategy for a return to school. We need, first, to take care of the life and health of the students, teachers, parents and the entire educational community, we cannot think of a return to face-to-face classes in the conditions we are in today ”, stated Carlos Aguirre, director of the AC Teachers Alliance

In an interview with Excelsior said that if at a certain moment there was the possibility of a return to the classrooms next school year, the suggestion of the members of the United Movement for Private Education, to which the Alliance belongs, is that it be hybrid in a way structured, with all the necessary health protocols.

-Laura Toribio


The match Citizen Movement (MC), through its leader, Clemente Castañeda, presented before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice (TFJA) a contentious trial, with the aim of compelling the Internal Control Body of the Ministry of Health to conclude the investigation for responsibilities and omissions in the handling of the pandemic against Hugo López-Gatell.


He recalled that on July 20, 2020, he filed a complaint against the Undersecretary of Health with the SFP for “mishandling the strategy to combat the pandemic, as well as his incompetence and omissions.”

He said that the evidence that proves and accredits the mismanagement of the official is evident and diverse.

-Héctor Figueroa

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