Eiza Gonzalez and Paul Rabil are the perfect couple to party

Eiza González is as hooked as Paul Rabil with her; Both have been very much in love and it seems that they have a good time together.

Although they did not have much that they revealed that they were dating, for months before it had been suspected that Eiza Gonzalez and lacrosse player Paul Rabil were seeing each other secretly. Although everyone was interested in knowing if their relationship was formal, they took time to get to know each other and have fun before announcing that they were a couple and it seems that it was a great decision, since they are constantly the focus of media harassment.

Now that they are together, it is quite noticeable that they complement each other quite well and are great companions in adventures; Even, a long time ago, when Eiza introduced Paul to her friends, everything went wonderfully and both she and Paul and their close circle had a wonderful time feeling confident.

In the same mood, they have shared moments of daily life and have not stopped celebrating life and the fact of being together, as a couple of nights ago, when they were seen partying in West Hollywood. She exposed her sculpted abdomen under a flowery crop top that tied in the front, denim jeans, and a dull yellow blazer. He showed his lobster tattoo on the right side just at the height of his ribs.

Seeing them so comfortable, smiling and happy, there is no doubt that their relationship is going from strength to strength, hopefully everything continues that way so that they continue to share their achievements, and boy have they both had quite a few lately!

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