Enrique Peña Nieto and Tania Ruiz Eichelmann reappear very in love

A few minutes ago Tania He shared through his official Instagram account a photograph in which we can see the power couple very happy and the reason why she posted the image is very special: to celebrate the birthday of the former president, with a very affectionate message .

“Today on this very important date, in which we are filled with good wishes, praise, blessings and what each one carries inside. Happy birthday, my boyfriend! What happiness and happiness to be able to celebrate one more year by your side. Always giving me the same illusion and happiness for celebrating this day “, he wrote Ruiz Eichelmann.

Tania thanked the universe for having the possibility of continuing to romance with Peña grandson: “For that part of me that you are there. Life has given me the opportunity to be with you these years and God has the blessing of being able to hug you, love you and continue building in this space that we have and live today, which is the most valuable thing” .

The model was very inspired at the time of wishing all the best to the one who affectionately addresses himself as “my beautiful boyfriend”, to be able to continue enjoying his love: “Our time! Our life! I found a partner and we built the relationship day by day “.

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